My First Time: Visiting The Apartment

I love finding new spots in the city. Since I was raised in Toronto, sometimes I find it extremely difficult to discover places that I’ve never seen before. However, over the past few years, many new restaurants, clothing shops and furniture stores have been popping up all over the city and have really brought a new sort of life to the Toronto scene.

A couple of weekends ago, a friend and I visited the super cute vintage furniture store The Apartment. If the bright pink face of the store wasn’t enough to bring me in, all of the eclectic and amazing gems inside the store sure peaked my interest.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes, visual look at the shop:  

Even just upon entering the shop, I was immediately attracted to all of the pastels and colours of the furniture. Fiona, the lovely shop owner, collects, refurbishes and restores many of her vintage finds and places them around The Apartment.

How pretty is this antique light fixture?!

From the pink deer head on the wall to the antique gold mirrors, every surface of the shop was covered with pretty pieces and ornamental details that you don’t see at a lot of other vintage shops.

Here’s a close-up of the elegant pink deer head!

Even though many of the items sold in store worked really well together, it was pretty obvious that many of the pieces would make great stand-alone items in your home.

I even loved this little side table so much that I had to have it!! Most of my apartment is pink and white, so it’s a really fun feature piece (that a lot of my plant babies live on now!)

If you’re ever in the east end in Toronto, you need to check out this adorable little place! Every week, Fiona gets new items in and rearranges the store to fit her new pieces. I love finding cute little shops like this in the city and love seeing how they fit into each unique area of Toronto that they live in. Thanks so much to Fiona and her space, The Apartment, for letting me check out this gorgeous spot!

With love,


  1. What a unique idea for a shop! I love the way she’s set everything up like an actual apartment. The pieces are so beautiful, too. I adore that light fixture! Thanks for sharing, girl, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  2. You captured it so beautifully!! I absolutely love it there and I’m so glad we went together to shoot it. I’m still dreaming about the tall white dresser… trying to figure out where I can fit it into my place!!

    So happy your plant babies have a new cute purple home <3

    1. I know right?! That dresser was too cute!! You need to get it haha. Thanks for taking a cab back with me to my place and helping me look for a spot for it <3



    1. Haha no way!! In the past few years, Toronto has definitely stepped up its game and there are sooo many cute places here now.



  3. Such a cute and pretty shop, I also stop by whenever I find a vintage and eye catching furniture store like this. It’s just hard to stop myself from buying everything that I like. That side table is a gem, good that you took it home.

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