My First Time: Visiting Kitten and the Bear

Last week, my good friend Sabrina (you may know her as @my.miaou on Instagram) and I randomly decided to pop by Kitten and the Bear for a little tea date. We’re both addicted to caffeine and often share stories over giant mugs filled with almond milk lattes, but that day we were feeling a little more adventurous with our beverages. Sabrina had been to Kitten and the Bear before and totally raved about it, so I knew it would be the perfect place for us to chat over scones and yummy jams.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the west end (super far west, but it’s totally worth it), check out my photos below for more on our experience!

t h e   s p a c e :

The interior decor of Kitten and the Bear is so friggen cute, I can’t even begin to fully encompass its cuteness in a written description. The decor is super cozy with jams as far as the eye can see. There are charming details on every table and every crevice as well, which makes the small space seem so full of love. Just a note though – the place is pretty tiny, so if you’re looking for some comfortable solitude (and if you want to take a couple of cute pictures) stop by on a weekday, when it’s sure to be less busy.

t h e    f o o d :

I have never tasted such amazing jam in my whole life! I clearly was one of those people living in a cave and thought that the most refined jam I had ever tasted was the hot pepper jelly kind. Let me be the first to admit that living in some alternate-facy-jamless-reality is not the place you want to mentally be in, my friends. We tried a BANANA, BOURBON & VANILLA BEAN jam, a BLACKBERRY, PLUM & VIOLET jam, STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY & CREAM jam, a SWEET ORANGE & HONEYED WHISKY MARMALADE jam and a BLACK PLUM & EARL GREY jam. Each had its own distinct flavour and paired perfectly with the giant scones we were given. I even took home a jar of the STRAWBERRIES & CHOCOLATE jam (which literally tastes like heaven).

t h e    e x p e r i e n c e :

I would definitely give this place a 10/ 10 rating on Yelp (do people still use Yelp anymore or am I old now?!). Everyone who was working there was absolutely lovely, super friendly, and didn’t get annoyed with Sabrina and I taking a million pictures and asking even more questions. Great jams, great company and definitely great service.

After trying out Kitten and the Bear for the first time and being absolutely blown away with the gorgeous and cozy interior, the delicious food and the lovely staff, I can honestly say that I can’t wait for Sabrina and I to have another impromptu tea date!

With love,


  1. Absolutely love this post and this place!! It was so much fun and so beautiful. The owners are beyond kind and the jams are a little taste of heaven. Can’t wait for our next adventure boo.


    1. Awe thanks boo!! I actually had so much fun and totally want to go back. Yes, we always have the best adventures!



    1. Now I know why you rave about it so much, it’s actually amazing! Omg are they?! That’s sooooo cute!!



    1. I’m not a huge espresso fan, but my boyfriend is! Awe thank you so much, Sophia — hope you have a great Easter too! 🙂



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