Our First Time: Visiting Starfish Cayo Santa Maria

Last month, my boyfriend and I went on our first ever baecation together!

Even though we’ve been in a relationship for almost two and a half years, we’ve never really had the chance to take the time to go on vacation together. When we first started dating, I was in my post-grad and now as we’re both bloggers (and I also have a full-time gig as a Production Specialist) we live exceptionally busy lives. So, when Siren Communications wanted to send us on our first vacation together to Starfish Cayo Santa Maria, an all-inclusive resort in Cuba, we were ecstatic!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our stay…


The resort was filled with brightly-coloured buildings. There’s nothing greater than waking up to a place that’s so vibrant and full of such pretty pastels!


There’s Mr. Cavaliere himself, just scoping out sunny the views. You can’t tell from this photo, but he was wearing a button-down short-sleeved shirt with tiny little hula girls on it!  

Thankfully, I planned ahead and brought many floral dresses to compliment our tropical resort! The weather was absolutely gorgeous the day we shot this, so wearing a flowy dress was perfect in the heat.

The pools (oh that’s right, you heard me – there were multiple pools!!) were huge, yet super relaxing. There were also many pretty palm trees surrounding the area and lots of comfy pool chairs to choose from! 


This pretty bar quickly became one of our favourite places to spend our afternoons. And we definitely had our fair share of cute tropical cocktails!

Okay, so maybe quite a few adult beverages were enjoyed… we were on vacation, after all! 

The little strip of beach was covered in gorgeous, white sand. 

All-in-all we were super happy with our first baecation together!

Parts of the Starfish Cayo Santa Maria were actually destroyed by the hurricane that had hit Cuba in May, but the lovely hotel staff and maintenance teams were doing their best to make the hotel presentable and efficient once more. There’s still some ways to go (as you can imagine), but they’re headed off to a great start!

Now Jonathan and I can’t wait for our next vacation together and see where our travels will take us. Thanks again to Siren Communications for the adventure!

With love,


  1. your photos are stunning, hillory! i want to hear all about this romantic getaway, in person, next time we see each other!!

    also… “we live exceptionally busy lives”… understatement lol!


  2. Oh my GOODNESSSSSSSS. These pictures are gorgeous Hillory! I hope you guys had a fantastic time! I have a tropical vacation booked in May and it could not come sooner. The snow actually looks really pretty right now but I’d trade it for white sand in a SECOND.


  3. It’s so cute that you called the trip a baecation! It took me almost 3 years before going on my first vacation with my boyfriend so you’re fine XD. The hotel looks gorgeous! Everything looks so high end and LOVE the cocktail ;).

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your first baecation together! It’s good that the hotel is being worked on the best way possible despite the hurricane!

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