Our First Time: Paris Photo Diaries

At the end of September, my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Paris and Brussels for a well-needed vacation! We’ve both been super busy as of late (in case you couldn’t tell by my little hiatus from writing), so we thought we would just take some time for ourselves. Here’s a photo diary from our trip!

So when you go to Paris, you kind of wonder – is it going to live up to the grand expectations that have been built up over the years? Is it really going to be the city of romance? Is every corner going to be adorable and quintessentially French? The answer to all of these questions is… yes, yes and yes! Paris definitely lives up to the hype. It’s just about as charming, colourful and magical as you picture it.

Our favourite part of Paris was definitely eating as much French food as possible…

All of the cafe’s in Paris were the absolute cutest! The seats outside of each cafe are positioned to face the street, so they were perfect for people-watching and creeping gorgeous French fashion trends.

We couldn’t help, but take a seat (and have a glass of wine) at quite a few of these adorable cafes.

The sites in Paris were also absolutely perfect. This was taken on a perfect, sunny French day at Les Invalides, an area containing French monuments and museums all relating to the army. If you ever have a chance to visit, definitely check out the Musee de L’Armée. We went on our first day in Paris and had a great time!

We also ended up getting museum passes so we could visit quite a few sights that everyone said we should see! The Louvre is also definitely a must if you get a chance to go. Here’s also what the gardens around the Louvre look like…

Pretty perfect, right?

Petit Palais is also definitely a place to visit if you have the chance. It was absolutely stunning, inside and out. If you want to visit a fine arts museum while you’re in Europe, it’s a must to add on your list.

Finally, Musée Rodin was one of my favourite museums that we got to visit. Rodin is considered as one of the most remarkable sculptors of his time, so it was amazing to see so many of his pieces in one place. There’s also a beautiful garden outside of the museum, where Parisians and tourists alike sat around in the September sunshine. It was perfect.


Also, every doorway was just perfect. I have nothing else to say about it, but Parisian doorways are the prettiest I’ve seen. The tops of every building just happened to also be beautiful.

Finally, the hardest part about writing this whole post was looking for the right photo of the Eiffel tower from our trip. We ended up going to the Eiffel tower more the 4 times in the 3 days we were there…only because it was such an amazing sight to see. This is probably my favourite shot we took though, since this was during our first dinner on our first night in Paris.

This trip was by far one of my favourite trips my boyfriend and I have taken together and one we’ll both never forget. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing photos from our Belgium trip – so stay tuned!

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  1. Paris looks like such a dream! I’m planning to go next spring so I’m definitely bookmarking this for inspiration

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