Our First Time: Dining at SoSo Food Club

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to try out the food at SoSo Food Club; the latest hip restaurant to grace the sea of trendy restaurants in the Ossington area. If you following any Instagrammers from Toronto, you’re bound to have seen the gorgeous pink walls and velvet seating on your Instagram feed. So, since we’re people that love to eat and check out new spots in the city, we thought we would combine those hobbies for date night!

t h e    s p a c e

Oh man, talk about a place made from a blogger’s dream! From the pastel pink walls, to the bright blue tables and medium blue velvet booths, every detail in this place was beautiful (and inspired by Hong Kong). This restaurant definitely had a lot of architectural quirks. It’s actually called a “club” because there’s a restaurant seating area in the front and a bar/ dance area in the back. Every little detail was well-thought through and picture-perfect. Even the sketches on the wall were eccentric, but in the cutest way possible.

t h e    f o o d

I love me some Chinese food. Ever since I left Taiwan, I’ve been looking for some Chinese food that was a little more modern and fusion and I definitely found it here. We ordered the Veggie Lovers Dumplings, the So So Dan Dan Mian noodles and the Not-Really Buddha Basket to share. If / when we go back, I would definitely suggest ordering more, as most items on the menu are considered share-plates! The food was definitely a more updated take on traditional Chinese food, so I was pleasantly surprised with the flavours and combination of items. To drink, I had the Sweet Peach – a blend of sake, peach, cognac, lychee, orange juice and soda. My boyfriend had a Better Days, which was a stronger beverage made with vodka, rangpur, lillet, osmanthus and bitters.

t h e   e x p e r i e n c e 

All in all, I have to say that we had a great dining experience at SoSo Food Club! The food and drinks were delish, the aura of the restaurant was stunning and the meal didn’t break the bank at all. Even our server and the hostess were super sweet and very helpful with every question we had about the menu. I would totally visit this place again!

Have you ever been to SoSo Food Club in Toronto before? Let me know in the comments below! If not, feel free to share your fave Chinese restaurants with me (I’m always looking for new places when I travel).


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    1. So so true!! I know restaurants are aware now that just cause the food tastes great, doesn’t only guarantee business anymore! I feel like Instagram-worthy restaurants are deff the new trend now!



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