Our First Time: Brussels Photo Diaries

After my boyfriend and I went to Paris back in the fall, we decided to also check off Belgium from our list! Since we were already in Europe and it only takes an hour to get to Brussels from Paris by train, we thought, “why the heck not?” 

Here’s a look at what our first ever trip to Belgium looked like!

The streets and buildings were very similar to Paris, but had their own unique sort of charm. Belgium is a place that’s very mixed with both Dutch and French cultures, so Brussels was a really interesting and diverse city.

The days were a little bit colder than they were in Paris, so we took this time to stay in bed and enjoy our adorable AirBnb! The place we ended up staying in Paris was less than ideal, so this stop seemed like it was heaven-sent. We stayed in Sablon, a neighbourhood in the historic upper-part of Brussels.

We obviously wanted to enjoy a beer or two (okay, maybe each day…) when we went to Belgium!

This place was so pretty.

We spent many days wandering around the regal areas of the Grand-Place; the central square in the city of Brussels. It’s filled with so many fun things to see and do, so it’s a definite must to add to your list if you’re heading to Belgium.  

Sablon also had a lot of art and culture in the area, so we had a great time checking out all sorts of different shops when we were exploring! We both had no idea that there were so many vintage stores and shops with such cute art pieces!

Here’s the bougiest vintage store we’ve ever seen (that right, all sorts of vintage Chanel, Versace and Louis Vuitton  was found here…)

We might have possibly eaten our way through Brussels… but it was so worth it

In fact, so much of the food we enjoyed was decadent, delicious and totally well-deserved. We spent many days picking out random cafes and restaurants to try out and had the best time doing so!

Sorry, but not sorry… these yummy donuts were from a place in Sablon called, Coco Donuts and they were seriously amazing.

Can you say yum?

Just taking a quick donut break, don’t mind me!

After a much-needed vacation and visiting two wonderful cities, we headed back to Toronto… already planning our next adventure together! Next month we’re off again and travelling to two other cities we’ve always wanted to see. Can you guess where? Leave your favourite cities in the comments below!

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