My First Time: Visiting OFFSITE

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I decided to have an endless coffee date in different spots all over Toronto. During our coffee adventure, they brought me to this awesome little space called OFFSITE. As a spot that’s an interesting mix between a coffee shop and art gallery, I knew I just had to write about this place.

t h e    s p a c e

OFFSITE is a space that merges fashion & art with coffee culture. Packed with cozy, art-filled corners and seating for any kind of encounter you can imagine, OFFSITE is the perfect place for a quick catch up or a chilled spot to hang out with friends.

t h e    d r i n k s

Featuring locally roasted specialty coffee, high quality tea and fresh baked goods, OFFSITE is definitely a coffee hot spot you want to drink up for your next latte experience. We tried out lavender lattes and a matcha latte (for good measure) and both were amazing! Definitely pick up a lavender latte if you get the chance to take a visit (I’ve never had one before and it was definitely worth it).

t h e    e x p e r i e n c e

OFFSITE definitely has a vibe that I can’t describe in a few words, but it’s absolutely a place you want to experience. Not only can you caffeinate yourself and shop here, but you can also experience art on a very up close and personal level. The wall in the very back off the coffee hotspot is covered with a giant Ness Lee mural, which is so beautiful to look at (even though contents of the mural are less than… PG). Over all, I have to say that if you’re strolling down the street and looking for a cool coffee shop to check out in downtown Toronto, then this is definitely a place you want to see.

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  1. You have to take me there sometime! Offsite looks SO cute, and I’m itching to see the rest of that mural haha! The Lavender latte sounds UNREAL, I just may have to break my no dairy rule for that one…

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