My First Time: Visiting Cafe Cancan

Okay friends, I might have quite possibly eaten at the cutest restaurant in all of Toronto with my friend Kirsten a couple of weeks ago. Life over the past few months has gotten super busy (if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ve been preoccupied with getting ready to move!), so we unfortunately hadn’t seen each other in the longest time. So, as a couple of bloggers who like to go on adventures for cute spots in the city, we decided to take a visit to Café Cancan.

If you live in Toronto or follow Toronto folks on Instagram and you, for some reason, haven’t seen this adorable place, you’re about to have your mind blown by 50 shades of pink right about now. This spot is a super cute pastel restaurant that serves contemporary takes on French bistro staples. Seriously, what’s not to like about that?

Once we entered the restaurant, we were totally blown away with the amount of adorable details in literally every corner of this place. Fresh flowers? Check. Fresh baguettes? Check. Accents of pink as far as the eye can see? Double check!

I have to say, I can totally see why this restaurant has been colloquially deemed as an Instagrammer’s paradise for photos. Even the bar features floral wallpaper behind the bottles and the backs of the bar stools have their own floral, colourful pattern. It’s a mix-and-match kind of place, but it totally works.

Unfortunately, we were too preoccupied with capturing the cutest photos of this spot that we forgot to take photos of our food… so here’s a picture of me sitting at our table instead! I had the french onion soup and steak tartare and Kirsten had skate wing à la meunière. We shared bites of each and agreed that the food was definitely French-inspired, definitely loaded with butter and definitely yummy.

Even though patio season is clearly over in Toronto, our super kind waitress offered to let us take a peak at the super adorable patio. Funnily enough, I totally have a list in my phone of cute patios all over the city to visit in the summer months, so I’ll definitely be returning back to their patio once the weather is nice again.

Even though I knew that Café Cancan would be an adorable spot for photographs, I have to say that I was pleasantly blown away with our whole experience when visiting. The waiters were so kind and welcoming (and very patient with all of the photos that we took) and the food was absolutely divine. If you’re looking for a place to grab some French-style eats (or a lot of hella cute photos), you should definitely check out this place!


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    1. Omg you haven’t been yet?! I totally thought you would have!! And yea, it’s a bit far aka why I didn’t go for sooooo long!



  1. Cafe Cancan looks super adorable with their cute interior decor and the color scheme is PERFECT!!! I would love to do work from that cafe if I had a chance. The patio looks just as great :). Definitely a place I need to visit if I ever go out there.

  2. Holy heeeell you weren’t kidding, this seriously is one the cutest spots for a drink ever! I adore the patterned floral wallpaper behind the bar, and you look SO pretty!

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful cafe! I can see why it would be popular on instagram. It’s nice the food was good but it looks like a great visit just for the lovely decor alone, haha! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! We are getting our family Santa photo done tomorrow, gotta get a move on with my Christmas cards, haha! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Haha totally agree with you! It’s the worst when you visit a place and the interior is super cute, but the food is meh!



    1. Awe if you’re ever in Toronto, you should definitely visit!! And I have a Fujifilm X-T1. It has build-in wifi so you can send photos to your phone instantly. It’s a serious time saver!



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