My First Time: Valentine’s Gift Guide with Passionata

Valentine’s day is by far the best day for gifts. Okay, maybe your birthday is the best day for gifts tailored to your needs… but Valentine’s day is always tailored to your wants. You want a big box of chocolates? You get it. You want a bouquet of roses you can barely hold in two hands? No problem. You want that super cute lingerie you’ve been eyeing? Just open up that little black box and it’s yours!

This year, I thought I would show you what’s on my Valentine’s gift wishlist (because who wants the same old red roses and box of chocolates that you get every year?).

Gift Number One: Passionata Bra & Panties Set

Sometimes, you can never beat a classic – especially when it’s a super cute lingerie set from Passionata? I often enjoy unique twists on Valentine’s classics (as I’m sure you’ll notice when you read the rest of this post) and all of the pieces from Passionata are just that. Pick her up a vibrant red set, or go with a classic black. I, myself (and many girlfriends I have) prefer more staple colours and pieces when it comes to undergarment sets. You never want to get her something that’s too out of her comfort zone, but you also want to get her something that she’ll feel undeniably sexy in. A safe bet is to always choose a basic bra that she can wear often and fun panties (after all, you are swapping them out on the regular – but girls love repeat-wearing their fave bras) Best part is, this piece is from Passionata’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection, so it’s new and all ready to be gifted to your bae!

Gift Number Two: Assorted Pink Candies

Because obviously, we all love a bit of chocolate — but that can be totally overdone and a little bit boring. Why not head over to your local bulk foods store and pick up a bunch of different candies? Grab her favourite chocolates, all the pink jelly beans you can find and some Valentine’s Sweethearts to gift her a classic. The more candy kinds, the merrier (and hopefully she’ll share some with you)!

Gift Number Three: Pink Roses

Pink roses are a tasteful twist on the classic red roses (without being too overdone). Who needs a giant bouquet of red roses that’s bigger than your loved one when you can pick up pink ones that will be much more cost effective (so you can clearly buy her more.)

. . .

All in all, Valentine’s day is definitely one of my favourite holidays (and not just because of the gifts!). If you’re really feeling like being that extra special partner, hubby or boy toy this year, maybe you should consider just gifting your loved one all of these items….

Check out Passionata’s Spring / Summer 2018 collection online or in the video below!



With love,


  1. That is such a great set on you and these are all such wonderful suggestions! I’m always a fan of sweets myself, so I love your suggestion of candy hearts!

  2. Yesss! I love Valentine’s Day because it feels like Christmas part 2… Or is it part 1 since we’re in the new calendar year? I am a SUCKER for all of these items you’ve outlined! Hehe, especially the candy and roses. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

    1. Bahhaa agreed girly!! Getting any of the above would be a great way to celebrate! Hope you and your boyfriend had a great Valentine’s day too!!



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