My First Time: Using a Blending Sponge

As you and I are both very aware, I’m really late to the game on this beauty trend. Even though it might seem like beauty blenders and beauty sponges have been around since the dawn of time, they’ve only become super popular within the past couple of years. Although YouTubers and Beauty Gurus alike swear by them and have seriously revived their usage, I was never really sold on them. I mean, these sponges looked so similar to the round ones I had seen in my mother’s foundation compacts from when I was growing up. Why would I use them now?

After my best friend, my sister and literally everyone on the planet have confessed their love for beauty blenders and blending sponges to me over and over again, I thought I would finally give in and test them out. I mean, worse comes to worst I could hate them and just go back to using brushes. However, I was not about to spend almost $30 on one beauty blender, so I popped into Winners to try out the dupes they had there.  Little did I know, I would become absolutely obsessed…

At first, I was a little turned off by the fact that you had to run the blending sponges under water before usage. I know, I know, they work better when they’re damp…but like, wasn’t that going to affect the amount of foundation that I was applying to my face? Was I just watering down the product I was using? What about coverage? Truthfully, it did change the effect of my foundation I was using — but in the best way possible.

I currently always prefer using a BB cream over foundation because I find foundations way too heavy. However, when combined with a blending sponge, my makeup has never looked so dewy and flawless! More than once, I’ve noticed unfortunate brush stroke lines when applying my makeup with brushes. However, the blending sponges totally solved my laziness problem when applying my base.

If you’re a poor, unfortunate soul like me that has yet to try out this beauty trend, I suggest doing so as soon as possible! It is literally life-changing when it comes to the way you apply your makeup and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Using blending sponges makes such a difference, I was so shocked when I first tried!! I highly highly highly recommend you try the Beauty blender next. I started off using another brand that was cheaper because I couldn’t justify spending $30 on a blending sponge, but when my roommate finally convinced me to splurge on it I realized that nothing compares to it. Totally worth investing!

    1. I don’t mind using the non-branded one, but I’ve never actually tried out a beauty blender!! I should totally go get one.



  2. I hear ya sister. Using brushes for foundations is a pain sometimes and you end up with streaks. Even with fingers sometimes you just get a cakey finish. I think the great part with beauty blenders is that the water helps to really make your foundation glide on your skin so it ends up with a nicer finish!


  3. I literally just bookmarked this page, because those photos are so pretty and I want my blog to be filled with prettier pictures like these! I recently bought a $1 sponge just because of all the hype, and tried it when I was applying some BB cream the other day, but all it did was wipe it off.. I think I either need more practise, or a higher quality product!

    Little Moon Elephant

  4. I actually went straight from using my fingers to using a blending sponge, so I don’t even know what its like to apply foundation with a brush, haha! I definitely like it, although I have actually started using foundation cushions– along with the flat, circular cushion that comes with it– to apply my foundation, and I actually like the effects of the foundation cushion EVEN MORE than the sponge. Also, no wetting needed, and some of them run really really cheap! ($14) ;D

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