My First Time: Trying The Face Shop Products

Even though I have visited South Korea before, I surprisingly never tried out any products from The Face Shop. To be honest, when I was travelling there, it was only for a weekend while I was living in Taiwan – and my suitcase was already stuffed to the point where new products wouldn’t be able to make it back home with me.  So even though the bright lights and the lovely smell of The Face Shop was calling to me, I wasn’t able to try anything out.

When I came back home to Toronto, I of course had seen The Face Shop around, but again for some strange reason, I never ventured out of the skincare products I knew and loved already. Luckily, my lovely friends from the FSHOPPE decided to send me over a couple of products to try out… and let me warn you now, I totally loved everything they sent over!

If you’re looking to test out some products from The Face Shop, you definitely need to check out the Chia Seed Collection. 

CHIA SEED Hydrating Emulsion

This product is really light on the skin and sinks in quickly (which is very important if you’re like me and hate waiting for your face cream to dry). It’s also surprisingly fragrant (in a good way) and makes the skin feel fresh and light, even though it’s a hydrating product.

CHIA SEED Fresh Lip & Eye Make-Up Remover

I usually don’t love oil-based eye makeup removers (purely because I have oily eyelids), but this eye makeup remover was actually amazing! It was formulated it to have less oil in the product, so that there isn’t any residue left over. Just make sure you shake it well before every use!

CHIA SEED No Shine Hydrating Water

This hydrating water smells so good. Like so damn good I can’t even begin to explain. The micellar water I usually use has definitely met it’s match with this product.

CHIA SEED No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream

This face cream gets a 11/10 rating in my books. Even though it’s extremely hydrating (which is amazing for my dry skin type) it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin at all. Totally perfect for this time of year when the weather hasn’t made up its mind yet.

REAL NATURE Face Mask Rice

I never knew this before, but apparently rice extract has brightening properties AND can also help reduce the appearance of age spots for the face. Since I have hyperpigmentation (a skin condition where the deposit of excess melanin in my skin can make my scars appear darker) and my acne spots often take a long time to go away. Using this mask made me feel like I was doing wonders for my skin.

REAL NATURE Face Mask Pomegranate

Smelled fantastic and made my skin feel super hydrated. Apparently, since pomegranate has loads of antioxidants, this mask also reduces the appearance of aging and improves skin’s elasticity. Talk about magical.

Milk Calcium Nail Pack

If you’ve read my post on my experience growing out my nails naturally, you’ll know that I needed some serious nail-lovin’.  This nail mask definitely was nourishing and made my nails feel super strong and healthy.

Goodbye Smile Fold Modeling Gel Patch

I’ve never tried a smile fold mask before (aka a mask that’ll help with laugh lines), but as a person who really enjoys laughing all of the time, I probably should use a mask like this more often. The little masks actually fit perfectly over your “smile folds” and the directions on the package include fun mouth yoga before using it. The packing also features the most adorable line on the front, “fear not, your smile is beautiful“. I mean, how cute is that?!

I also totally loved trying out the makeup that The Face Shop had to offer! I didn’t even realize that they sold makeup there, so it was a pretty nice surprise to test out what they had in store.

MOISTURE TOUCH LIPSTICK in Rococo Beige and Beige Bomb

These lipsticks are totally my fave (and I currently have both in my handbag right now —  not even going to try and hide that from you). They have a great colour payoff, and the fact that they’re so moisturizing means that I don’t have to coat my lips in lip balm before applying!


I’m not a huge lipliner girl (probably because most of my lipstick comes off when I’m eating, so I’m used to reapplying a lot during the day), but if you’re looking to keep up the lasting power of your lipstick, then lipliner is great for you! Loved how one end was also a brush, so you didn’t have to deal with a harsh lip line if you have a soft cupid’s bow (like me).

Multi Stick Contour

This was the perfect colour for a contour stick. I find that usually contour sticks are super dark and a little two intense for my liking. This colour was much softer and way easier to blend on top of my foundation. I also got so many complements and questions on what I was using to contour (and if that doesn’t make a girl feel great, I don’t know what does).

Thanks so much to the lovely ladies from FSHOPPE for sending me so many amazing products to test out for the first time. I many not have tried out The Face Shop before, but now I’ve definitely been converted into a believer.

With love,


    1. That’s so kind of you to say, thank you Melanie! I just used the rice mask last night and totally loved it.



  1. I’ve always heard of how amazing Korean skincare products are, but never really new of a brand to experiment with, so I greatly appreciate you sharing this brand with us, as well as a specific collection! I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far, beauty!



  2. I haven’t heard of this brand but the products with chia seed sound very interesting and lovely. I love chia seeds so maybe these products would be amazing as well 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I love Chia seeds too!! I know they do amazing things for your body, so putting them on your face sounds like a great idea to me haha!



    1. They sell The Face Shop all over the world — it’s just a Korean brand! Thanks for taking a read 🙂



    1. They totally are super lightweight!! I had no idea lots of Korean brands were like that… maybe I should try out some more haha!



    1. Sheet masks are amazing! I’ve never really used them before now…but have become totally obsessed.



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