My First Time: Trying Out Jouviance Skincare

That’s right – new year, new skincare! You all know by now that I love trying out new skincare products, so even though it may be a new year, you can definitely expect the same-old-beauty-loving-me.

Jouviance is a dermatologist-developed skincare line with proven anti-aging benefits and is safe for sensitive skin. Sounds like some skincare magic is at play here, right? This proudly Canadian brand (oh heck yes, Canada) eschews fillers and irritating additives in favour of highly concentrated active ingredients. Luckily, all of the Jouviance products that were sent to me were gentle and targeted dry skin (aka my number one nemesis in winter).  

Let’s meet the new skincare lineup, shall we?


There’s nothing quite like a gentle, alcohol-free and soap-free cleanser to unclog pores, without drying out your skin. This 100% natural cleansing gel cleanses, tones, hydrates and also works amazingly for removing waterproof makeup. I love wearing waterproof mascara throughout the year (hello, snow can melt the makeup off of your face too), so finding a gentle cleanser that I can also use on my waterproof makeup is super important to me too.


If you’re not into gel cleaners, then you should definitely try out this cleansing milk! I love using this cleanser to start and end the day, seeing as it’s super gentle and won’t dry out my skin. This cleansing milk soothes tight, dry skin while gently removing excess sebum, impurities and makeup and the creamy formula also tones and rehydrates the skin.


This moisture-rich formulation can easily quench thirsty skin during any time of the year, without feeling too heavy or greasy. Formulated with Boreal-Balance complex made from bark extracts, this serum brings your skin back to life with hydration and a healthy glow.


The Hydractiv Creme-Gel is a non-greasy gel-in-cream that promotes radiant skin that looks and feels healthy and hydrated. Even though the weather in Toronto has been well-below freezing point, with this creme-gel, my skin has magically been able to maintain moisture! The best part is that it restores and maintains long-lasting superficial and deep hydration and plumps fine lines caused by dehydration (well all know I’m scared of wrinkles too).


Talk about the mask that keeps on giving – this skin renewing mask that uses active ingredient glycolic acid, exfoliates and encourages cell-turnover rate. Not only does it reduce the look of pores, but it keeps your skin feeling super soft and silky. My boyfriend even noticed a difference in my skin after using this mask! The best part about this mask is that it can also improve the absorption and efficacy of the active ingredients in your other skin-care products.

Whether you’re looking for something to give your skin a little bit of extra love in the winter months or just looking to switch up your skin routine in the new year, I would definitely recommend trying out some Jouviance skincare products! You’ll definitely find something to fit into your skincare routine that you never knew was missing — but you’ll be happy that you finally found it.


With love,


    1. I know what you mean girl!! I’m definitely having a moment with the milk cleanser currently. Thanks for taking a read!



  1. This sounds like a very promising skin care line. All of the product sound effective and non-irritating. I like that they’re careful with the ingredients. I also really like the packaging.
    I hope things are getting warmer in Canada.

    1. Seriously magical!! And I know what you mean girl, so many cleansers are waaaaay too drying for my skin! Thanks for taking a read 🙂



  2. This is actually mental, I’m literally looking for exactly this right now. I need an alcohol free gentle cleanser, and this looks like it would do the job just perfectly. I need to start investing more in face care products, so this may have come at just the right time haha.

    Little Moon Elephant

  3. It sounds like great skin care products. I would definitely want to try the mask. I am intrigued to see if it will wonders on my skin like it did on yours.

    1. I love so many of them! I’m especially in love with the milk cleanser if you can’t choose which one to try out!



  4. I love this packaging and these products sound amazing. I’ve been trying so many more skincare products this last year and so far love discovering new brands to test out on my skin. Thanks for sharing!
    I hope you had a great holiday and that 2018 is your best yet!


  5. I haven’t heard of this brand before! Ugh, my skin has been terrible recently. I really need something that will exfoliate my skin without drying it out, so these sound like good options – particularly the 4-in-1 cleansing gel! I might look them up to see if they avoid animal testing. Thank you for sharing! Also, your pictures are beautiful xx

    Alicia |

    1. Oh nooo that’s the worst when your skin is breaking out! You should totally check them out 🙂 And thanks so much girl!



    1. Haha that’s totally fair – when you find a cleanser that works for your skin, you have to stick with it! I loveeeee trying out new masks though.



  6. It’s always great trying out new skincare products! You never know if you discover something that gives better results. I love cleansing gels that don’t leave you super dry! I’ve heard lots of great things about cleansing milk but haven’t tried it yet. I need to give it a try someday. Sounds like the whole product like from Jouviance does some good work. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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