My First Time: Trying Origins Zero Oil Skincare Line

As gorgeous and as wonderful as summer is, there is nothing cute about what summer can do to your skin. That’s right – just when you’re about to enjoy the sunshine and heat, your skin likes to do this little thing where it breaks out. A lot. It’s not a fun time for anyone. This summer, I found that unfortunately my foundation that I know and love tends to cause my skin to get really oily. So oily that I break out in a not-so-cute fashion. This is why I was super excited to test out the ZERO OIL™ line from one of my most beloved skincare brands, Origins.

m e e t    t h e   c l e a n s e r:


Besides being very gentle on the skin, this cleaner also is super light and refreshing to use in the summer months. Formulated with Saw Palmetto (a skin-clearing ingredient that treats acne) and mint (to keep the skin nice and cool), it’s the perfect cleanser for days when your skin is feeling extra oily. The best part is, it also contains Salicylic Acid, which breaks down oil in the skin and gives you a deep, chemical (not physical) exfoliation to clean out your pores. I love using it at the end of the day to take my makeup off, or when I’m feeling extra greasy from a workout.

m e e t   t h e   t o n e r:


Paired with the cleaner, this toner with the same main ingredients leaves skin feeling refreshed and tingly. Just in case you missed any foundation while cleansing (trust me, it happens to me more often then I’d like to admit), this toner reduces shine and any oil troubles you may be facing in the hot, hot heat. Trust me, this is definitely one of those times you want to leave your skin with a soft, matte-finish.

So go ahead – wear as much foundation as your heart desires and have some fun in the sun without worrying about skin breakouts. With Origins ZERO OIL™ skincare line on your side, you don’t have to worry about skincare troubles ruining your perfect summer.


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    1. Salicylic acid is like the number one ingredient I look for when purchasing skincare products haha!



  1. I got these too and haven’t had the chance to try them yet but now I’m so inspired by your post that I’ll be trying them out tonight! BTW could you have shot this ANY prettier? Serious photo goals Hillory!!

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