My First Time: Trying Origins Original Skin Skincare Line

My skin has been terribly irritated from the harsh, cold weather that we’re currently experiencing in Canada. Yup, that’s right – even though it’s the second week of April, we’re still getting winter weather here in Toronto. Like what the heck is up, global warming?

How does my skin feel about this persistent cold? Well, I can report back that the dry patches and redness I’m experiencing is not a cute look. Thankfully, the lovely people at Origins are always on the lookout for my skin and had sent a couple of items from the Original Skin line my way.


If you’re looking to renew your once-tired and weather-worn skin, look no further than this gentle cleanser! Made with willow herb (see below for more on this special ingredient*), this deep-cleansing jelly easily removes makeup – without stripping skin of essential oils. Trust me, those essential oils are a necessity for bringing radiance back to the skin during these cruel, cruel months.

*K E Y   I N G R E D I E N T : W I L L O W   H E R B

Willow herb is basically this secret magical substance that helps to sooth acne-prone skin, offers fast relief of skin irritation and also reduces redness. It’s amazing properties all stem from the epilobium angustifolium extract (which is derived from willow herb) and has antimicrobial and anti-irritant properties for skin. It’s also from northern Canada! Right about now, you’re probably wondering why they don’t put it into every skincare product ever?! Don’t worry, I’m totally wondering that too.


I know that most people like to use primer in the warmer months to ensure that their full-face of makeup stays in tact, but if you’re looking to also protect your skin from the harsh environment, then this primer is about to become your favourite step in your skincare routine. Apply before you put on your face for the day, but after you’ve applied a moiturizing base. Not only does it visibly minimize pores, but it even adds back a nice little glow to the skin.

Even though I may be bummed that this winter weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, at least I have the Origins Original Skin skincare line on my side to protect my face. I’ve also tried out the RETEXTURIZING MASK WITH ROSE CLAY from this line, and I have to admit that it’s one of my favourite masks right now.

It’s cold out there folks – take care of your skin!

With love,


    1. Thanks so much for taking a read, LaToya! Origins is seriously one of my fave brands, so you should deff check them out!



  1. I have not tried really tried Origins before-other than a moisturiser sample i recieved a couple of years back. These seem like a really lovely selection of products, i’m am especially loving the sound of the cleanser xx

    1. Omg you should definitely check them out more!! They’re soooo great and target all kinds of skincare problems!



  2. First off, I am so sorry for the weather you have been having! My husband said it snowed in Toronto last night?! These products sound absolutely divine, I will have to check them out!

    1. Yes it did!! It was like spring was never coming (*cry*) although the weather is definitely looking better right now! Omg girly you would loveeeee.



  3. I can’t believe it’s still that cold in Toronto .. at least these products are helping with your skincare routine! I’d love to give the primer a try, this willow herb sounds amazing!
    xo Samantha

    1. Awe thanks so much Emily!! I love love love Origins too. They seriously have some of the best skincare around!



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