My First Time: Trying Indie Lee Skincare

Fall is that weird time for skincare. If you’ve read my post on on transitioning my skin and haircare products to autumn, then you’ll know that this seasonal change is a bit of a struggle for me. Now that my body skincare and hair products are sorted for this season, it’s time to focus on my facial skincare!

For the past month, I’ve been testing out Indie Lee skincare, an eco-chic beauty line that’s focused on clean beauty products. Since I probably use way too many products in my skincare routine that aren’t as clean as they could be, I thought I would give myself a sober (skincare) September and swap out my current rotation of skincare products for something a little more green.

So let’s meet the products I’ve been trying out!


I can totally see why this antioxidant-rich cleanser is the best-seller of the line. First off, it smells like fresh strawberries, so the scent instantaneously lifts your spirits and awakens the skin the second you start using it. Since I have a dry skin-type, the lightness of this product gently cleanses the skin, but also doesn’t dry it out too much. It’s super hydrating, but furthermore helps with firming (and we all know that’s a result I’ll never turn down).


If you’ve never heard of the magical existence of squalene, prepare to have your mind blown (and to start stocking it asap). Squalene is derived from olives and promotes skin elasticity. If this wasn’t enough, it also diminishes the appearance of hyper pigmentation (my worst enemy/ skin problem) and age spots and furthermore boosts skin regeneration. It’s seriously the best thing for your skin, and even though this product is a facial oil, it won’t leave your skin feeling overly greasy. I love skin oils when the weather is winding down, to give me that extra moisture and radiance.


Most people don’t like to talk about this issue, but adult acne is totally a thing (and a pain, if you ask me). Since this is a problem that I face, I was nervous to swap out my skincare routine for something more clean, merely due to the fact that I was worried about how to tackle any stress-related pimples that like to show up out of nowhere! Luckily, this talc-free blemish lotion evens out skin tone, reduce redness, and soothes the skin — all while battling your acne over-night.

Indie Lee actually created her skincare line after conquering a life-threatening brain tumour that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit. With a new lease on life, she ran with her passion to create a chic and eco-friendly skincare products for everyone to enjoy. After using these products for the entire month of September, I have to say that my skin has never felt better!

If you’re looking for skincare that’s gentle yet effective (and also pretty green!) then you should totally look into Indie Lee.

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  1. First of all, the imagery in this post is SO dreamy and gorgeous! Secondly, I’m not heard of this brand before, but I adore their packaging and YES to discussing adult acne! I have monthly breakouts on my chin ughhh…

    1. Ugh that’s the worst — I always break out on my chin!! Luckily these super dreamy and green skincare products have really helped reduce that!



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