My First Time: Trying Eau Thermale Avène

If you’ve read any of my posts on summer skincare before, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of sunscreen. I know that makes me seem a little dorky (and maybe even much older than I am), but protecting yourself against the harmful effects of the sun is super important to me. I’m definitely not trying to look older any time soon and one of the best anti-aging preventative measures you can take is applying sunscreen. All. Over. Yourself.

Many companies are taking note of sun-obsessed millennials like myself and are building their sunscreen into facial moisturizers (which is amazing if you ask me), because a lot of people don’t understand that we’re actually exposed to the sun’s harmful rays 12 months of the year (unless you live in some sort of hell hole where you don’t see the sun for months… in which case, I feel really terrible for you). Now, various brands have been doing this right by disguising the unappealing smell of sunscreen with fragrant and lavish ingredients – but let’s get back to the basics, folks. What about regular sunscreen that you (should) apply on an everyday basis?

It’s a good thing that Eau Thermale Avène is now introducing its #UltraLight and #UltraSafe mineral sun care protection to promote sun safety!

With Eau Thermale Avène Light Mineral Lotion‘s mild and milky formula, this sunscreen quickly sinks into the skin. As well, this 100% mineral sunscreen for the face and body has broad spectrum SPF 50+ UVA/UVB filters that will give you long-lasting protection throughout the day. Made for all skin types and tones, this sunscreen even provides water resistance for 80 minutes, so you can enjoy the summer sun without worrying about getting a bad burn.

If you’re not a huge fan of sunscreen mixed into your moisturizer (or if you find that it makes your skin a little oily) go fresh-faced and apply the Ultra-Light Mineral Lotion facial sunscreen directly onto your skin or under your makeup. I have a drier skin type, so this isn’t really an issue for me, but I have quite a few friends that don’t need the added moisturizer in summer. As well, since this formulation is so light, you don’t need to worry about adding on too many layers into your summer skincare routine.

To keep your skin extra refreshed this summer, also add the Avène Thermal Spring Water spray to your daily routine. Spritz on a light misting after you cleanse and tone for a hydrating layer underneath your makeup or even use as a refreshing spray throughout the day (don’t worry, it won’t harm your makeup and it’ll even help set it). It’s also great to use if your skin is experiencing any sort of sensitivity (let’s be real ladies, with all of the facial waxing, poking and intense makeup removal rituals that we have, your face can feel pretty sensitive 95% of the time).

So, add that extra layer of sun protection into your skincare routine this summer and try out the Eau Thermale Avène ultralight skincare collection today!

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  1. Some kid in the camp that I work in this summer, left a full bottle of aveeno baby sunscreen at the camp, so after asking permission, I said why not, and that’s what I’ve been using ever since. Sunscreen is definitely something that I have been working on, because I don’t even like being tan, as well as soaking in harmful UV rays. I am happy to say that I have gotten better. Hillary, your photos are beautiful.

    1. Haha no way, that’s too funny!! Suncreen is super important — especially if you’re under 18! Thanks so much 🙂



  2. I’ve always thought really highlight of this brand, as not only do they seem to consistently receive good reviews (particularly from bloggers!), but the couple of things I’ve tried from Eau Thermale Avéne has been super impressive! Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

    1. Oh wow, you live in Iceland?! It’s a shame that there isn’t too much sun over there, but it’s smart that you wear it when you do get some!



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