My First Time: Transitioning My Skin and Hair to Fall

For the first time in my life (or the first time I can really recall), I’ve had to deal with a cold summer. This year in Toronto, this summer was definitely below seasonal averages of the past and my skin has had the hardest time coping. As well, since going super blonde-ish, my hair hasn’t been able to keep up with the constantly changing weather. Luckily, I have MOROCCANOIL on my side to keep my hair and skin prepped for the seasons ahead!

Body TLC:

Body Soufflé

There’s nothing like a good body butter to deeply moisturize skin. I like to use this right after I get out of the shower since it quickly soaks into the skin! The best part about this soufflé is that it’ll keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Shimmering Body Oil

If you love a highlighted look with your makeup, then you’ll love how this oil makes the rest of your body look! The combination of antioxidant-rich argon oil and sesame oil intensely nourishes skin and leaves it looking glowy and radiant. It’s great to use all over or just on collar bones and legs to give your skin a nice glow that makes you look like you’ve gotten the right amount of sun all summer.

Hair Lovin’:

Moroccan Oil Treatment

Hair oil is a must for anyone that’s experiencing dry ends or has dyed hair. During the fall, my hair likes to look a little flat from all of the weather changes and it definitely makes me feel dull. I like to add a little bit of Moroccan oil to my ends (wet or dry) whenever my hair is in need of moisture or just needs to be a little more tamed.

Dry Texture Spray

The worst part about summer being over is definitely the fact that you have to say goodbye to the beach and beachy hair. Thankfully, with this dry texture spray, you don’t have to actually say goodbye to your beach waves! Just spritz ends after you’ve quickly tousled locks with a curling wand and it looks like summer has never ended for your hair!

This may have been a super cold summer in Toronto, but with a little help from MOROCCANOIL I can feel fully prepped for fall from hair to toes!

With love,


  1. The shimmering body oil looks SO gorgeous – definitely the kind of thing I wouldn’t be able to resist placing in my basket while out shopping, haha. This is a fabulous skincare edit for preparing for Autumn; definitely something I need to think about!

    1. Haha it’s definitely one of those products that at first you’re like, “Do I need this…” and then you’re like “YES! I DO!”



    1. I know right?! Some days it feels like all the moisture is sucked out of my skin and on others it’s super oily. Transitioning seasons is so hard!!



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