My First Time: Testing Out the Lise Watier x ELLE Weekender Collection

I am totally the kind of person that lives for the weekends. With most of my week dedicated to a full time job and running around to events, the only time I really get to shoot products and enjoy my free time is during the weekend. That’s why I was super excited to test out the limited edition fall 2017 Lise Watier x ELLE Weekender Collection (basically a collection that was made for crazy busy people like me!)

Most Versatile: Palette Weekender Eye shadows

This eye shadow palette is great for when you’re running around on the weekend and only have a subway trip or an Uber ride to turn your daytime look into a nighttime one. The formulation of these eye shadows is creamy and has a long-lasting colour payoff. As well, the combination of neutrals and luminous shadows is great for whatever event, dinner or night out that you’re heading to. The best part is, this palette is compact enough to fit into any purse.

Trendiest Product: Intense Waterproof Eyeliner

This ultra-creamy eyeliner is definitely the trendiest item in this collection, but looks amazing when paired with the eye shadow palette. With one application, it goes on super easy and can last up to 14-hours! So even on weekends when you’re too busy to reapply, this waterproof eyeliner will keep your eyes popping all day (and night).

Everyday Staple: Rouge Gourmand Lipstick

By far, this lipstick is my favourite product from this collection! Formulated with Maxi-Lip complex, this lipstick increases lip volume and reduces the appearance of any fine lines. Not only does it soften lips, but the rich and creamy formulation keeps lips hydrated all day. The colour is also super versatile and can be worn with either a daytime or nighttime look. It’s totally become a staple in my handbag!

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when it came to the Lise Watier x ELLE Weekender Collection. The products are great quality, super versatile and are pretty damn affordable too. If you’re looking for products that work with your busy life, you should definitely check out this collection!

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  1. I really love the shades of the palette, they look so soft!!! I prefer light, nudy tones that brightens up the eyes so I think this is perfect for me!And the eyeliner sounds amazing, 14 hours? That’s very long-lasting! I love the shade of the lipstick as well. And the packaging is so sophisticated!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

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