My First Time: Shaving My Jacket

As you’ve likely seen in one of my Instagram photos, I have this pink jacket that I absolutely adore wearing in the springtime. It’s warm, but not too heavy, it looks good with just about everything that I own and it’s the perfect shade of pink for this time of year. I love this jacket. However, one thing that I definitely do not love about this jacket is the fact that it pills. It pills like crazy.

I think it’s because the jacket is a wool blend (or maybe it’s because it only cost me $60 last spring), but it is super annoying to deal with. I mean, I literally just explained my full on obsession that I have with this coat, yet every time I put it on I notice the little balls of fluff that have gathered all over it.

Since I didn’t want my jacket looking rough around the edges (literally) I decided to shave my jacket. And yes, I mean that I shaved it with a razor (that’s right — the same razor that you use on your legs!) .

Apparently you can totally buy fabric shavers, but you know I like to try to do things by myself (and well, I was just too lazy to figure out where they sold these devices). So, like any DIY-fanatic, I looked up ways online to de-pill clothes.

The Internet gave me one simple answer that was exactly what I was looking for: use a razor. Luckily, I have a dollar store in close proximity, so I popped by to pick up a few disposable razors (hello, I’m not going to waste a good razor on this, silly) on my way home.

The process is pretty damn simple: s h a v e !

Now, if you’re looking for a quick way to de-pill your jacket – this isn’t it. You have to take the time to shave off all the pills (it’s simple and you don’t even need to go in one direction), but it’s totally worth it! Just throw on the latest show you’re binge-watching on Netflix and get to shaving.

Here’s what my jacket looked like afterwards:

It may have been my first time trying out this hack, but after how addicted I became, I honestly can’t wait to start shaving my other coats.

With love,


    1. It’s so depressing when something pills, but this is a serious wardrobe saver! Hope you have a great week ahead too lovely!



    1. I know right?! I was sooo surprised with how well it turned out!! Let’s have a shaving coats party.



    1. Right?! When I found this tip online I was like, “how have I never done this before?!” And thanks so much, so glad I saved it from a pilling-riddled future haha!



  1. Amazing post 🙂 I have this problem with clothes all the time and I never know what to do with it but now I’ll remember to use razors for that 🙂

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