My First Time: Reading Jo Malone’s Memoir

Everyone knows about Jo Malone as a brand. I don’t even remember the last time that I walked into a high-end department store and wasn’t wowed with the clean and crisp packaging, the aromatic and appealing fragrances and the bold black font that’s easy to recognize upon first glance. Even though we’ve all seen a Jo Malone candle or fragrance sitting on a self or in the hand of a friendly sales associate, what do we really know about Jo Malone herself?

This is what intrigued me when I first heard about Jo Malone’s memoir, Jo Malone: My Story. As much as I had loved the fragrances, I never really knew much about the woman behind the brand. So when our book club decided to read the memoir of a woman who had a name as well known as many pop stars, we were all ecstatic to learn more about this lady boss and her past. This month, we wanted to sink our teeth into some yummy pizza, just like we sunk our teeth into this book. So, as you do, we dined at True True to discuss the true woman (get it?) behind the brand name.

First off, I have to say that this was such an interesting memoir to read. I always love hearing about the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurs that build their brands from the ground up. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that I had no idea the struggles that Jo Malone faced growing up. When a company is named after a person, you naturally assume that they’ve lived this glamorous lifestyle, but Jo Malone’s story ended up being filled with so many surprises. I also had no idea that Jo Malone had a fresh start (pun intended) and currently makes new fragrances under her new company, Jo Loves.

Secondly, something else that I loved about the book was definitely the way that it smelled. I know what you’re thinking – what does a book smell like?! Trust me friends, this isn’t the ordinary aroma of printed pages; Jo’s memoir is also spritzed with an amazing scent from her new Jo Loves line, Pomelo. Pomelo has notes of grapefruit in it and is a very clean and crisp scent. Inspired by summer holidays (seriously, close your eyes while sniffing it and white sand beaches will appear), the fresh scent is pleasantly calming and makes for a great everyday fragrance. I’ve never thought that I would love a scented book so much, but it was nice to get a breath of fragrant air every time you turned the page.

All in all, so many of our book club members loved sharing a memoir of a strong woman who chased her passions, no matter what life threw at her. We may not have known much about who Jo Malone was before, but now she’s definitely an inspiration to all of us. Be sure to check out Jo Loves to see what she’s creating now and pick up Jo Malone: My Story to hear about her adventures!

And trust me, if you enjoy pizza, you’d be really really pleased if you take a visit to True True!

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  1. I’ve, of course, know of her brand, though I don’t own any of her popular candles or fragrances, I know how popular they are! I’m glad you enjoyed her memoir. I love reading about the struggles and hardships that entrepreneurs faced before obtaining the level of success we now see. It really gives me new a respect for them and their brand and is also very inspiring because it really puts things into perspective that things worth having, never come easy. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead, babe!



    1. Totally agree with you! It’s so fascinating learning about what struggles each entrepreneur had faced and overcome. Thanks so much for taking a read Jalisa!



  2. I loved the book, love the fragrance (Pomelo), and loved True True! Still crying inside about not being able to have any of the pizza though :(. So happy to be a part of All Booked up TO! <3

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