My First Time: Prepping Healthy Weekend Lunches with Findus

Most of you might use the weekend as your time to relax. You probably hangout with friends late into the nights, get to sleep in and possibly even go for a little brunch to end off the weekend. Little do you know, this is when many part-time bloggers get most of their work done.

Since my 9 – 5 job occupies most of my time during the week, I have to do a lot of my blogging work on weekends. I could totally do some writing during the week, but that really depends on the events I have going on. As well, it’s nice to just hang out after work, so I tend to not get a lot done on weeknights (a girl needs her chill time too, right?)

This means my weekends can be a bit hectic. It’s great, because I get to shoot lots of projects, write my heart out and even sneak in a little time to hang out with friends. However, one thing I don’t seem to have much time for on the weekend is eating healthy home cooked meals.

Thankfully, Findus has my back when it comes to prepping lunches that are actually super healthy and most definitely delicious. This week on the blog, I’m going to share with you my favourite lunchtime dish: fish taco bowls made with Steam Delicious fish.

The Recipe:

This meal is super quick and really easy to prep. First off, if you live in Toronto, you’re going to want to head to your local Sobey’s to pick up a box of Steam Delicious! Once you get home, place your Steam Delicious Fish onto a microwave-safe plate. Keep packaging fully intact (this is how the steam cooks the fish safety and all the way through) and place in the microwave for roughly 4 minutes. For this taco fish bowl, I decided to go with the chive and herb cod, but I’m sure the other flavours would be yummy as well.

While your fish is cooking in the microwave, you’re going to want to assemble the rest of your bowl. You always want to start off with a leafy base, so I just chose an arugula and spinach blend that I thought would go well with flavour of the fish. Then, I decided to add some chopped up cucumber, cherry tomatoes, corn, roasted chickpeas and some sliced avocado (okay, so I basically just threw together whatever I had in my fridge – so feel free to do the same). By the time you’re done chopping everything up, your fish should be ready!

Take the Steam Delicious fish out of the microwave and slice the bag open. Make sure to keep clear of the steam, as it’ll be pretty hot. Then, you’re going to want to slide the fish out of the bag and pour the sauce on top of it. Use a fork and knife to slice up the fish and then place it on top of your bowl!

I ended up using the remaining sauce from the bag as a dressing for the rest of the taco bowl, and garnished it with some lime to add a little zest to the mix.

I love making these fish taco bowls on my busy weekends and always feel great after. At least I know that even if I’m running around all weekend, a healthy meal goes a long way! Thanks so much to Findus for helping me prep yummy weekend lunches that don’t take up too much of my (very busy) life. If you want to pick up your very own Steam Delicious fish to make some easy weekend meals, head over to a Sobey’s near you!

With love,


  1. This looks so delicious! And it sounds super easy to make. Those are my two favorite combos haha. I tend to buy frozen food like this, and then add it in to other more fresh ingredients. Right up my alley!

    1. It was definitely all of the above haha! Yessss honestly, frozen food is such a great time saver (especially if you’re bad at keeping track when things will go bad!!)



    1. Whaaaaaat you don’t like healthy food?! Omg I love it and love how it makes me feel! Thanks for taking a read girly 🙂



    1. Awe thanks so much girly!! And of course! Now that you’ve been to my place, you can just stop by any dinner time haha!



  2. This looks so healthy ! i wish i can take easy and take much time to care about myself
    summer is coming and i really need those meal ideas
    thanks for your sharing
    daisy | kickshere

    1. You alwaysssss need to put yourself and your body first girly! You only have one body, so might as well take care of it 🙂



  3. My job doesn’t have weekends. I fly out of the country and mostly spend my days off anywhere in the world. That is when I write most of my blogs. Thank you for sharing your recipe! (In such a lovely way)

    I am new to this blog and I’m obsessed! Hope we could be friends! 🙂

  4. I can totally relate to your blogger/weekend life Hillory!
    Sometimes I’m so tired (and a bit lazy) to make something I just grab the nearest junk food which is not the best choice.
    Great to see you taking the time to prepare a good healthy meal during your busy down time.


    1. Right?! And we have everyyy right to want to be lazy sometimes when we’re always running around and doing something! Thanks so much for taking a read, girly!



  5. I have similar things going on with you! Full-time jobs can drain a lot of energy to do other things! It’s great that you found delicious recipes to make with the cod loins. Thanks for sharing this delicious meal!

    1. Righttt?! It’s such a struggle sometimes, but at least with easy meal preps, that’s less time taken out of my day!



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