My First Time: Packing Light for a Long Trip

The time has come for our long-awaited holiday! If you follow myself or my boyfriend on Instagram, then you’ll know that we’re currently in Dublin for a work trip. Since our work engagements only last for 4 days, we decided to extend our adventures and we’re heading to London right after!

Whenever we travel, we usually only bring carry-on suitcases. We both like the ease of being able to take off and start our journey directly after landing. Having your items in the cabin with you also reduces the anxiety that something could happen to it (I couldn’t imagine anything worse than your suitcase not arriving in the first place). So, even though we were leaving for 9 days, we decided to only take a small amount with us.

Here are my tips on packing light for long trips:

Choose a colour-scheme and stick to it!

I decided to go with a pink, black and white theme for my outfits. Since it’s winter in both countries, I packed: 1 pink turtleneck, 3 skirts with different patterns and lengths, 1 black turtleneck dress, a white over-the-shoulder sweater, 1 pair of overalls, 2 pairs of nylons and 3 hats (which may sound excessive, but skip to the accessories section for more). You want to make sure that you’re picking items that aren’t too casual, but aren’t too dressy either – you can always change up the look of an outfit with accessories, so going simple is always better and gives you more options! I also like to take photos of my looks together, so I can quickly choose what to wear when we’re travelling.

Don’t be afraid to repeat outfits or articles of clothing

Especially if you’re going to more than one country! The only person who will know is your travel companion (and if they’re smart, they’ll do it to). Even though we’re away for 9 days, I only packed 5 outfits that you can interchange pieces with.

Bring a few fun accessories

Honestly, the addition of new accessories can totally change the vibe of an outfit! I always aim to bring one necklace, a couple of hats (which can really change up your look), and a pair of fun, statement earrings. Make sure you pack classic pieces of jewelry with you, so that they can go with anything and everything you own. I also decided to bring 3 hats along for this trip since rain is totally a thing that happens a lot in European winters – and this could totally save my hair and make my outfits look hella cute. Luckily berets are super lightweight and take up zero space – and I wore my touque to the airport!

Wear one pair of versatile shoes

I decided to go with this simple pair of black booties for this vacation. They’re black and have a small heel (but not too high in case we’re sightseeing all day), so they can go with any dressy or more casual outfits. As well, since I’m wearing them on the plane, they won’t take up any of my precious suitcase space!

Pack few “just incase” items

Everyone has plenty of these items – but we don’t think about how much space these actually take up. Since we’re traveling to countries that have some sort of winter, I’m bringing only one thicke sweater, an umbrella (because, London winters are different than Canadian winters – you know?) and a scarf. I always try to keep the thicker items on me when I’m traveling – so I wore the sweater and scarf to the airport!

If you want to follow along on our adventures, feel free to check out our hashtag #HelloMisterTravels on Instagram! Chat soon and hope you’re all having an adventurous January so far.

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  1. Wow 9 days and you took only a carry-on?! That’s impressive! Goodness, I would pack up a large suitcase full of everything lol! These are such cute outfits, I would wear every single one and I definitely think you have great tips that I would use on my next trip! Sticking to a color scheme is a really good tip! Thanks for sharing Hillory! 😀

    xx, Des |

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