My First Time: Talking About Our First Date

As many of you know (as if your Instagram feed isn’t already swarming with Valentine’s Day gift guides, pictures of sweetheart candies or hints of pink and red at every turn) V-day is almost here! I’m definitely one of those people that just loves love, so I thought I would tell you about my first date with Mr. Cavaliere.

Funnily enough, I was the one who asked Jonathan out about a year and a half ago. Okay, sort of. He didn’t want to come on too strongly, since I had just moved home from Asia (and was dealing with jet-lag, the fact that everyone spoke English around me, and you know… the whole reverse culture-shock deal). I, however, have a very strong personality and had no trouble telling him that I wanted to see him. In a truly Jonathan, last-minute fashion, he invited me to tag along with him as his plus-one for a few TOM* events that night.

Now, prior to meeting my boyfriend, I had never been to a style-related event before. I weirdly enough knew a couple of models in TOM* and had a friend who was having some of his pieces shown in a collaboration with a designer, but personally… never had a reason to go to one before. As you can guess, I had a tiny case of a nervous fluttering feeling in my stomach that night. The good kind.

The first event of the evening was a Ted Baker event at Berkeley Church. I remember walking into the high-ceilinged space and staring in awe at everything around me. There were models in glass cases filled with foliage (don’t worry, no models were harmed in the making of this event), Ted Baker pieces tastefully displayed on tree stumps and a giant kaleidoscope at the back of the room. As the first fashion event I had ever been to, it definitely was one that I’ll always remember.

What made the event even more special was the fact that Jonathan was by my side the whole time. He was such a gentleman and made me laugh the entire night. Every time I think back to our first date, I think about how much fun we had (and the fact that he lifted me into the giant kaleidoscope… something that not many people could ever forget).

This Valentine’s day, I’m so happy that I get to spend my time with someone that still makes me feel the same butterflies I had on our first date.

Thanks so much to the lovely ladies at FSHOPPE who dressed us in #TedtoToe, which is available in store and at Hope you all have an amazing day of love and get to celebrate it with the people you care about most!

With love,


    1. Awe thanks, Didier! Haha it was insane, I totally have a picture (somewhere) that Jon took of me sitting inside of it!!



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