My First Time: Hiking The Hamilton Falls Trails

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip outside of the city. As we’ve both not spent much time in Hamilton before, we thought that the falls would be a perfect view to check out. If you’re bored with the city and want to hike the trails by the Hamilton Falls any time soon, here are a couple of tips to make your trip even better!

m y    t i p s:

The view from Tews Falls

Tip 1: Slap on some sunscreen

My boyfriend, Mr. Cavaliere, sitting on Dundas Peak (aka – what I felt was like the end of the world)

Even though there’s enough coverage over the hiking trails for the Hamilton falls, you probably want to put on some sunscreen just in case. Some of the amazing views, like Dundas Peak, isn’t covered at all — so you likely won’t want to soak up a sunburn while you’re taking in the landscape.

Tip 2: Mosquito repellant is never a bad idea

Shadowy trails call for moody pictures

Like I said, the trails have lots of coverage. Think lots and lots of foliage. My boyfriend and I even had a tiny snake slither across our path (so you can just imagine what kind of bugs are living in these parts as well). Safety first, folks. Always come protected.

Super moody vibes

Tip 3: Bring a camera and have some fun!

Up close and personal with Tews Falls

There were so many great views and opportunities to take photos here, so we really couldn’t resist. Each hiking trail actually isn’t very long (the shortest trail takes 20 minutes to complete — if you’re not stopping for photo opportunities like we did every 5 seconds), so bring along some equipment and have fun with it!

Pretty details from Webster Falls (which annoyingly are the only falls you can’t get up close with)

If you’re ever in the Hamilton area and want to be one with nature, take a page from our book and try hiking near the Hamilton Falls to catch some views. Even if you can’t get near to some of the falls, at least the possible snaps you can get along the way will be well worth it.

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