My First Time: Finding the Perfect Christmas Present for Everyone with Ganong

Being great at giving presents during the holiday season means one thing – having to top last year. Since I’m a self-proclaimed amazing gift-giver (hey, my friends and family have been pretty damn happy every year!), each gifting season gets harder and more difficult to choose out perfect presents.

Guess what I’ve got in store for this year? Chocolate for everyone! Revolutionary, I know. But think about it – whether you’re buying a gift for your sister, a coworker, your mother-in-law, your best friend or your neighbour (who you’re still trying to win over after last Christmas’ holiday party got a little too loud), chocolate makes the perfect gift for all. This year, I’ve partnered with Ganong to help you pick out the best presents for your loved ones – and basically anyone and everyone else in your life! As Canada’s oldest independently family-owned and operated chocolate company, they sure know chocolate pretty well.

Chocolatier Premium Dark Chocolate Maraschino Cherries:

For the Sweetie in Your Life


This box of chocolate is perfect for that friend that’s always there for you. You know, the one that’s willing to jump on the phone with you at two in the morning because you’re stressed out about work or what to get people for the holidays. That person deserves a thank you, for just being them! Treat them to a box of delicious maraschino cherries covered rich dark chocolate. It’ll show them just how much you appreciate them for being so damn sweet.  


Chocolatier Premium Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Caramels:

For the Lover of Everything Decedent

Do you know a person who’s really into treating themselves – or maybe you know someone that doesn’t treat themself enough? This is a really great gift for that person who deserves all of the best things in life! This box of dark chocolate has a gorgeous gooey caramel centre and a layer of the finest sea salt sprinkled on top. It’s seriously indulgent (in the best way possible), so much so that you might even want to keep the box all to yourself…


Chocolatier Premium Box:

For the Person Who Has Everything

This is the person that’s extremely hard to buy for – the friend (or boyfriend, in my case) that has just about everything. Why not surprise them with a box of these delightful premium chocolates? The best part is that they’re assorted and have a tone of different types of chocolate inside! So if they’re into dark, milk or white chocolate and like caramel, almond or butterscotch, they’re bound to love this box of chocolatey surprises!  

This holiday season, give the gift of chocolate goodness with Chocolatier Premium Boxes from Ganong! After 145 years of perfecting chocolate, Ganong has released the perfect presents for just about everyone on your holiday shopping list. So go ahead, pick up a box for your loved ones, your acquaintances and that hard-working friend who could use a pick-me-up. After all – who doesn’t love a good box of chocolates?!


With love,


    1. Totally have to agree with you girl! If everyone gave me Ganong chocolates this year…. I would be a pretty happy girl!



  1. I would be SO excited to receive a box of these delicious chocolates! Chocolates really do make the best holiday gift…just about everyone adores receiving them!

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