My First Time: Eating (Mostly) Vegan for a Month

If you’ve had a meal with me over the past month, then you would know that I have totally failed at veganism. However, I have in fact kept up with my monthly goal of eating healthier in February. I may not have eaten 100% vegan, but hey – at least I tried.

The truth is, I found it much easier eating more plant-based and whole foods before I tried my month of veganism. Sure, I got to test out some super tasty vegan recipes and was more creative with my cooking, but that’s not what I found difficult. What was really hard for me was the fact that I go out so much to eat (first world problems, am I right?).

Prior to attempt eating vegan, I usually ordered the first thing that appealed to me on the menu.  Bibimbap? You got it. Avocado on toast? That sounds great. A smoked salmon bagel? I’m already drooling. But then when I put restrictions on my diet, I learned that there were many things that I couldn’t eat. I never actually thought about how difficult it was to scour a menu , check ingredients and possibly look for substitutes (all while pretending like I’m having a great time eating a salad and not thinking about the steak that I really, really wanted to order).

The other hard part about eating fully vegan was the fact that I felt like was missing out on the experiences of some meals. The crazy part is, I was actually vegetarian for six years before I moved to Taiwan. I started eating meat again the summer before my international move because I wanted to experience the entire culture without limiting my meal options. Trying to eat completely vegan felt the same for me. I didn’t want to go to a restaurant that specialized in seafood and not be able to taste the flavours from the ocean. I didn’t want visit a French café and not try a soup just because it was also coated in a layer of melted cheese. I didn’t want to grab a coffee and worry about what kind of milk was in my latte. I just don’t have that kind of willpower, people.

So, the moral of the story is that I’ve learned two things about myself. The first is that I don’t think I could ever fully go vegan (but seriously, I have a lot of respect for people that can). The second is that I definitely want to keep cooking and eating more plant-based and whole foods. Even though this month of veganism didn’t exactly go to plan, I still love eating and trying out new vegan recipes. For now, maybe I’ll just stick to cooking vegan at home and decide what to eat when I’m out.

With love,


  1. Hello Dear, Congrats on eating mostly Vegan! I have been vegan for 3 years and admire that you have tried it out. Its hard in the beginning finding appropriate restaurants where you can have more than just a salad and creating creative meals at home. Its a journey, and its so much fun! Its also fun if you can get someone to join you. I started out as a pescatarian only eating fish when we go out because it seemed easier at the time, but after my husband joined me, we went vegan & have never looked back. Mostly because haven’t felt better in our lives! if you ever decide to try again feel free to contact for support or any kind of advice. All the recipies I post (& will be posting) are vegan friendly. 🙂 @Carolineflowers Xx Xx

    1. Thank you, Caroline! I totally agree with you — I think that if I had a friend or someone that also went vegan with me, it would make it so much easier. I have a couple of vegan friends, but since they’re already vegan, they’re over the struggling part! I’m definitely going to follow you, would love more vegan-friend recipes in my life 🙂



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