My First Time: Eating at Luckee

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love trying out new restaurants. Whenever I see a new Mexican restaurant opening in Toronto, I’m stalking the website to see when I can call to book a reservation. If there’s a Thai place with a 2-hour wait, I would happily and patiently await an available table. Or if you know of a great place to grab soft-serve, you can most definitely find me with a scoop (or two) in my hand. So when my friend (and fellow food-lover) Sabrina and I were invited to check out Luckee in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel, you know we were all over it.

Before we had the chance to experience the food, the lovely people at the Soho Metropolitan first showed us around! We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Wahlburgers (that’s right, the very same Wahlburgers chain that’s owned by Paul Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg) was one of the hotel’s restaurant offerings. I have to say that with so many yummy eats in close proximity, finding food during your stay would be super simple.

After peaking into Wahlburgers, we were even more excited to get a tour of the Soho Metropolitan’s 3-floor penthouse suite (yes, you read that correctly). Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a few photos of the glamourous penthouse:

Everything was absolutely stunning and we definitely understood why so many celebrities choose to stay at the Soho Metropolitan when they’re in Toronto. Sabrina and I found the tour really impressive and it set the stage perfectly for our meal at Luckee.

When we walked into Luckee, it screamed the great taste and vibe of Susur Lee’s other restaurants. The space was designed by Brenda Bent, Susur Lee’s wife, and Karen Gable, her partner. At first glance, Luckee definitely felt like a combination of modern pieces with traditional Chinese elements — all mixed together in a colorful and bold environment. Even though we popped by for lunch, the moody velvet couches and sleek design of the bar-half of the restaurant would definitely make this place a great atmosphere to grab some late-night cocktails.

We took to our kind waiter and ordered all of his recommendations. Needless to say, he had pretty great taste. Highlights of the meal were definitely the Rainbow Gow, Siu Mai, Shrimp Cheung Fun and the Soba Noodle Salad (like I said, we sure do love food).

The Rainbow Gow is a dish with dumplings done four different ways, making them all uniquely different in look and taste. The delicious Sui Mai dumplings (and most definitely my favourite) were topped with scallop and truffles, bringing out the rich flavours of the chicken, shrimp and procini filling. I have to say that similar to the design of the restaurant, the dim sum was traditional, but had a modern twist with surprising flavours.

The Shrimp Cheung Fun, a Susur Lee classic, made a nice break for the palate in between devouring dumplings. Each soft rice roll had a delightful crispy filling, topped with shallots and scallions and served with house-made soy jus. Another dish that made the meal entirely was the Soba Noodle Salad, made of 21 locally sourced ingredients. It was also a refreshingly-chilled vegetarian dish served on a bed of dry ice (which for made the best Boomerang)!

Big surprise, but Sabrina and I each also have a pretty notable sweet tooth. So we did the only logical thing and ordered a mini version of each dessert. Not going to lie, all of them were amazing (and finished off our feast perfectly).

After spending the day together,  exploring the Soho Metropolitan hotel and Susur Lee’s restaurant, Sabrina and I were feeling pretty lucky.  We both want to send our love to the Soho Metropolitan for inviting us to experience their offerings together and thank them for the wonderful meal. I mean, what’s better than good friends sharing  a tour of a gorgeous hotel and yummy Chinese food, right?

With love,


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