My First Time: Drinking Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Cans

I am a person who is always in need of caffeine. I really, really enjoy my sleep, so when it comes to staying awake for long periods of time… let’s just say I need a lot of help. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that my favourite form of caffeine is definitely black coffee.

There is literally nothing that I appreciate more than a cold cup of coffee on a hot day. Okay, so ice cream is great too. In fact, having both (like one in each hand) would be pretty fantastic — but I still stick with my first sentiment: cold coffee on a hot day is everything you need in life. Seriously, summer and cold brew just go perfectly together. Station Cold Brew has always been my favourite cold brew coffee and this year they came out with these super exciting Nitro Cold Brew Cans!

You’re probably wondering what in the world could make cold brew even better (other that the addition of ice cream, of course)? Well, how about putting them into fun (and very cute, I might add) cans and infusing them with nitrogen!

There’s only one tip I have for you if you want to enjoy these delicious cold beverages: shake well and pour hard. Seriously! Even though we’ve been told our whole lives to avoid shaking any drinks in cans, Nitro Cold Brew Cans actually are meant to be shaken and then poured directly into a cup right after opening. Pro tip: don’t pour this cold brew like you would pour beer into a glass – literally pour straight downwards. You’ll thank me when you avoid any kick back.

So go ahead — spend your summer in the sun, breaking the rules and shaking your cans, and enjoying a smooth pour of creamy Nitro Cold Brew coffee. You’re welcome.

With love,


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