My First Time: Doing a 30-day Mental Health Challenge

In this day and age of technology and connectivity, being comfortable talking about mental health is super important. So many things that we do are done online, on apps, or behind a computer screen and often have repercussions on our mental states and how we perceive the world around us. For this reason, I was super excited that my lovely friend Megan from The Omm Life invited me to do a 30-day mindfulness challenge with her.

The task seemed simple enough: Check in for 30 days on MindwellU and learn how to “take 5”. MindwellU has short lessons each day that you watch, interact with and learn about how to take cues that make you more mindful during your daily life. The ideology behind “taking 5” is a simple meditation technique that calms you down and can make you more present during your everyday activities! As everyone I know (including myself) is so busy and constantly checked out of the present because our brains are too involved with so many things (like social media, The Real Housewives of Toronto and the latest clothing trends), I was excited to try out a challenge that focused on my personal mental health and awareness.

Megan and I got together during our 30-day challenge, grabbed a couple of coffees at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (quite possibly, the most relaxing place on this planet) and chatted about our experiences. Here’s my thoughts about the challenge…

l i k e s

I honestly really appreciated how short each daily check-in for this challenge was. Because we spend so much of our lives running to grab a coffee, running to work and just plain running around, having a 5-minute commitment didn’t seem too overwhelming at all. Most of the videos that were integrated into the program were only a couple of minutes long, but were also jam-packed full of insightful thoughts and ideas.

I also really enjoyed how every day was different and had a variety of lessons to teach. If every lesson was super similar, I feel like it would have also been so much harder for me to absorb the information, simply because I would tune out the similarities (as most of us do when we hear something that’s repetative).

Finally, the last thing that I enjoyed was getting inspirational texts to my phone. It was pretty hilarious when my iPhone guessed that Bruce Lee was texting me, but those little texts were great reminders to check in with my challenge on days when I had completely forgotten.

d i d n ’ t   l i k e   s o   m u c h

As much as I thought this challenge was a very positive experience, of course everyone has something that they don’t love about a 30-day commitment. For me, it wasn’t the consecutive 30-day challenge that was the issue – it was not having enough interaction with my challenge partner! Every few days it was nice that we were supposed to write little messages to one another, but I feel like if it were more of a daily occurrence, then we’d really be pumping each other up to reach the finish line.

t a k e   a w a y

As we’re often too focused on the world around us, we easily forget about taking care of our own mental states. As much as doing a 30-day challenge can seem like a burden, as long as you’re being realistic of the time commitment you’re making, you can have a lot more fun (and become a little more insightful) that you’d think. If you want to hear about Megan’s experience with our 30-day of mindfulness challenge, check out her post as well!

With love,


    1. Totally agree with you Rina! Even focusing on yourself and mental awareness 5 minutes a day is so important.



    1. It’s so needed! I’ll probably be on that journey for the rest of my life, but I’m totally okay with that. Thanks so much!



    1. It was such an interesting challenge and I’m super happy that we decided to do it! And glad you liked the pictures, Marta!



  1. You both look lovely and it sounds like a fun and benefitial challenge – even if it wasn’t perfect and you’d prefer touching base daily, it still sounds like you enjoyed it 🙂

    Hope you are having a great start to the week and had a nice weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks so much girl 🙂 And I totally agree — even though it wasn’t 100% to my liking, it was still a great challenge!



  2. It is really great to take time out for some mindfulness.
    I just recently posted on mental health and skin and got a really great response.
    I love your pink playsuit by the way – I would totally wear this out even though it looks like PJS.
    Which is awesome I might add.
    Set to Glow

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