My First Time: DIY Embroidered Tees

One of the biggest fashion trends this year has most definitely been embroidery. All. Over. Everything.

Embroidered denim, embroidered hats and embroidered tees have been taking over a majority of clothing stores and runways alike. Even though this trend is hella cute, it can get weirdly costly to purchase embroidered goods. As well, I noticed that everything that I found that was embroidered was pretty nice, but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. So, with a little help from Google, YouTube and the internet, I went in search for the best / easiest ways to embroider your own tees!

What You’ll Need:

  • small embroidery hoop (I picked up the smallest one available at Michaels)
  • embroidery thread (DMC is a really great brand with lots of colour options)
  • embroidery needles (you’ll want to get thick needles that have a bigger eye)
  • stencils & a pencil
  • an iron
  • scotch tape
  • a tee you’re ready to have an embroidery party with (I also tested out an old sweatshirt for fun)


  1. Figure out what you want your shirt to say or an image that you want to add to it. Horizontally flip the image, so that when you print it out, it’s backwards. This’ll make sense in a second.
  2. Once you print out your stencil, trace the font or image very hard with a pencil. Seriously, press as hard as you can.
  3. Put on your tee and stick stencil to whatever location you’d like the embroidery details. Tape in place and take off your tee again.
  4. With an iron (and the lowest heat your iron can go on), press down on the stencil for 10-20 seconds. Be careful to not melt the tape with the iron (you can always remove it once you take the shirt off again.)
  5. Remove stencil and your font or pattern should be transferred onto the tee.
  6. Take the small hoop from the embroidery hoop and put it inside of the tee. Secure hoop by placing the larger hoop on the outside. Pro tip: make sure not to stretch fabric too much, or your design will come out funky.
  7. Get sewing!

And that’s basically it! I love how both my tee and my sweatshirt turned out. Even though the tee is made of stretchy material, I just made sure that the embroidery hoop wasn’t stretching the fabric too much. With the sweatshirt, since the fabric was much thicker, it was a little harder to sew on small details, but I love how my cat ended up as well.

If you’re super into the embroidered look this season, you should deff try out this DIY! It was super fun, and I ended up with two pieces I really adore. I might possibly even need to open my own Etsy shop soon…

With love,


  1. I love the cat pattern, it’s just so cute! You did a great job! I haven’t ever tried embroidery because it looks complicated and ‘for grannies’. Now though I am starting to be interested in it because I see a lot of cute outfits with embroidery.

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

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