My First Time: Creating The Ultimate Charcuterie Board With Ozery Bakery

Holiday season is upon us! That’s right, twinkling lights, sparkly dresses and holiday parties! Now, there’s only one thing that I can think of that’s better than a holiday party. Hosting your own holiday party! Some people may think it’s not worth the headache, but for a control freak like myself who loves surprising people with all of the hard work and effort that went into planning the perfect night – there’s nothing better than that for me! My fave thing to plan out when it comes to holiday gatherings? The food! Holiday party food is definitely an area where you get to show off your creativity and refined palette. And the best party crowd pleaser when it comes to food is definitely the charcuterie board. If you’re looking to host an amazing holiday party, dinner or gathering this festive season, with the help of Ozery Bakery and their Lavash crackers, making the ultimate charcuterie board is easy and oh so delectable.

Assorted meats, cheeses and flavored crackers… can I get an amen?! Honestly, the unsung hero of the gang is definitely your choice of crackers. Let’s be real, you can kind of just choose any assorted deli meats and cheeses with names you can barely pronounce and your party attendees will be impressed – but the truth is, everyone puts these goodies on to one thing; a cracker. Of course you don’t want just any boring old crackers. Like any good foundation for foods, you want fancy crackers. You want Lavash Crackers from Ozery Bakery to be on your charcuterie board.

Let’s meet your best friends when it comes to building the ultimate charcuterie board!

The Queen of The Holidays: Organic Cranberry & Grains Lavash Crackers

Anything and everything with cranberries in them scream festive season! This yummy combo of grains and cranberries literally goes with anything and packs the holiday season into every bite. They’re not too sweet, not at all salty and will totally go well with anything and everything you have on that charcuterie board.

The Crowd-Pleaser: Multi Grain & Seeds Lavash Crackers

Who wouldn’t be into these multi grain and seed crackers? Their subtle flavour ties any combination of cheese and assorted meats together, without being too overpowering. They’re a yummy blend of deliciousness that’s thin, yet crunchy enough to keep you reaching for more.

The Health-Nut’s Addiction: Apple and Quinoa Lavash Crackers

We all have that friend that says they’re going to diet in or around the holidays. Each year, it’s the same person and they miraculously always seem to somehow break or cheat on this diet. Yet they still do it. Every. Single. Year. This way, that healthy friend has a healthy base to guilt-free pile the meats and cheeses on to. They’re also made with sulfite-free apples, they’re non-gmo, free of artificial preservatives AND vegan. You’re welcome “healthy” friend.

When you get this excited about your food, I’m sure you can see why I love the holiday season! If you want to make, bring or eat the perfect holiday party treat, then you definitely should think about trying out Ozery Bakery’s Lavash Crackers for your next festive occasion. I mean, who wouldn’t be down to dive into an ultimate charcuterie board?

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  1. I love the holiday season because of the abundant amount of cheese and salami, haha. Everything looks delicious! Love how you put together a while charcuterie board like a champ. Hope everyone enjoyed your selections!

  2. That looks like such a lovely setup and those crackers sound so tasty! 🙂 Snacking on cheese and crackers is a Christmas tradition for me, I might not remember all my Christmases but I have lots of fond memories of cheese and crackers as a kid, haha!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your Christmas preparation is going well. We’d planned to attend a few Christmas events but the boys got sick which meant a weekend at home. I got to wrap some pressies though! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Haha this is even better than the cheese and crackers you had as a kid!! Awe hopefully the boys get better soon and get to enjoy their Christmas!



  3. AMEN! Cheese and crackers always go together, always! Hahaha, I know people who say they’ll diet during the holidays but it never happens. And the crackers are vegan?! That’s amazing. I wonder if they’re super expensive, no?

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Haha yea who likes to diet during the holidays?! I would much rather prefer to consume as many charcuterie boards as humanly possible haha!



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