My First Time: Completing My Invisalign Journey

If any of you have read my first post on my Invisalign adventures with Dental Arts at Front, then you’ll know that ever since last April I’ve been working on perfecting my smile! Check out that post if you want to first few appointments were like.

Since we’re all setting goals for 2019, I thought that it was the perfect time to write about my whole Invisalign journey. If you’re looking to build your confidence, focus on spreading your smile more or even if you just want to check off another worry on your list in the new year, I want to tell you about why using Invisalign was an amazing experience for me and why I would recommend it to just about everyone!

I believe that we left off my last post when I had just been wearing my Invisalign for a couple of weeks. It’s kind of crazy to think about how long I’ve been using them at this point, and how comfortable I’ve felt the whole time! The dental practise that I worked with to perfect my smile, Dental Arts at Front, were so helpful, kind and always took the time to make sure that I felt comfortable about the next steps in the process.

After the first few months, the appointments followed the same process; I would go in, a lovely dental assistant would greet me, the friendly Dr. Jeremy Kurtz would check over my teeth after removing the last set of trays and he would track the changes in my teeth as well as fill me in on the benefits of the next set. Each time, I would notice a drastic change in my smile that I might not notice on the daily, and I would leave feeling confident and proud of my smile. Dr. Kurtz were awarded as a Diamond Invisalign Provider in 2018 to recognize their commitment to Invisalign treatments and their overall experience in the field. I always felt so hopeful of my potential smile and confident that I was going to the right place the entire process.

Closer to the end of my teeth-straightening journey, small attachments were used on my teeth to hook into the Invisalign trays and ensure that some of my teeth that were harder to shift, would move accordingly without pushing the rest of my teeth. At first, I was worried about the ease in which I could comfortable pop off my Invisalign with ease. However with practise, it became easier and easier and I totally forgot about them! After a couple of months, they removed them, sent me on my way with an at-home whitening system and you couldn’t tell I ever had them at all!

Now I’m at the end of my adventures, I’m done with my appointments! I’ll definitely miss seeing Dr. Kurtz and all of the sweet dental assistants that always greeted me with warm smiles on my visits. I have a final set of trays in now and I just wear them as regularly as my last. The only difference is that the plastic of the trays are much thicker, but it’s due to the nature that this strong material will help solidify the placement of my teeth. After a couple of months, I get to reduce wearing them by a few hours each day – and then I only have to wear them at night!

Why not feel the best about your smile moving forward in the new year and take steps to feeling confident about your smile?! Make 2019 all about you and step into the new year with a new smile and mentality about how your smile makes you feel. In 2018, I travelled two three different countries with my Invisalign and completely forgot about wearing them on a daily basis – so don’t worry that fixing your smile could ever hold you back. You should definitely talk to the lovely folks at Dental Arts at Front if you’re interested in feeling great about your smile as the next step in your 2019 journey!

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  1. It sounds like it went so seamlessly and how great will it feel to only have to wear the last set at night! I had braces and then a night time retainer when I was younger, the Invisalign sounds so much better!

    Jenny |

  2. It is always interesting to see how people’s teeth shift through Invisalign. Glad you had a great orthro to guide you through the process. YESSS on having a confident smile! Glad you’ve stuck with your routine and you can get off of them now. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    Nancy ♥

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