My First Time: Celebrating the Holidays with Ganong

I have a confession to make that I’m not-so-ashamed about; I’m great at giving gifts for the holidays. Whether it’s that item you’ve always wanted or that piece you never knew you needed, chances are that I know the perfect gift to get you.

This year however, I was in a bit of a pickle. You see, after giving impeccable gifts for so many years, I’ve now found that I’ve ran out of perfect gifts to give! That one trinket you wanted? Whoops, I gave that to you last year. That other thing you needed? Damn, that was the holiday season before that. So this year, I decided to widen my scope to find the right presents for the people in my life!

I was super relieved when I came to a revelation that speaks to a great love that I have – my love for treats! Who doesn’t enjoy a good box of chocolates or candy? With the help from Ganong this holiday season, I was able to choose the most perfect presents for my loved ones.

The Ultimate Present:

Ganong Chocolatier Premium Box

My boyfriend is a huge sucker for chocolates. Whenever we go out to dinner or stay in, he’s always checking out the menu or raiding my fridge for a sweet treat. This year, I thought the perfect gift for him would be this assorted box of premium Ganong chocolates! This artisan collection of hand-crafted chocolate is perfect for that person in your life who has a sweet tooth. Who wouldn’t love this unique assortment of dark, milk and white chocolates that your tastebuds can revel in? I have to say, the almond caramel fudge and the peanut brittle crunch are my fave, but it’s so hard to choose when there are this many tasty treats in one box!

The Best Stocking Stuffer:

Ganong Original Chicken Bones

My mom is another person in my life that has a serious sweet-tooth. For her, it’s not just chocolate that she loves, but she craves candy too. I thought these Ganong Chicken Bones would be something special to throw into her stocking this year. These goodies were invented in 1885 by Ganong candy-maker Frank Sparhawk and have been a Canadian holiday tradition for generations. Some spicy cinnamon flavoured hard candy filled with bittersweet chocolate is that perfect gift for someone who likes the best of the both sugary worlds. You also might as well treat yourself and get a bag of your own (since they’re so good, I doubt my mom will want to share!)

Thanks so much to the lovely folks at Ganong for helping me sort out all of my holiday presents for the special people in my life. I’m sure everyone getting a present from me this year is going to have trouble topping me and my perfect presents again!


With love,


  1. I was so confused at first like… chicken bones?! haha! Now that I get what they actually are, I can see why they’d make a lovely gift! Sweets and chocolate are always brilliant options – yum!

  2. You are blessed with the talent of being able to find the perfect gifts for people! Oooh the chocolate looks delicious :). Love how there are many varieties in a box. The Chicken Bones threw me off by the name initially but it sounds like a delicious candy!

    1. Awe thank you so much for taking a ready Nancy! And don’t you worry – the chicken bones are actually super delish!!



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