My First Time: Brunching at Simit & Chai Co.

Who doesn’t love a brunch date with good friends? Seriously, whenever one of my foodie friends wants to go out for brunch, I know that we’re going to eat something amazing. Of course, I’m always the first person to confirm that I will most definitely be attending any / every food date. When my friend, Didier, invited a few of us to dine at Simit & Chai Co. to try out the new shakshuka dishes that were being offered there, I could only offer one simple answer: “oh, heck yes.”

Of course, when you go to Simit & Chai Co., you have to order a simit and a chai — which is exactly what we all did. Well, we ordered three of each. If you’re wondering what a simit is, it’s simply a Turkish bagel that is covered in a generous amount of poppy seeds. They’re so damn delicious that I urge you to try one if you’ve never had one before. This was my first time eating them and now I crave them on a daily basis.

We also tried out three different shakshuka’s that they had to offer. A shakshuka is when you poach an egg in hot tomato sauce with various vegetables and seasonings. Each one had a very different and unique flavor. I’m generally not a huge fan of eggs, but eggs served with this cooking style is a whole other delicious story.

If you’re looking for a cute brunch spot in the King West area that offers anything other than your average brunch, then you should definitely check this place out. After all, nothing is better than going on a brunching adventure!

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