My First Time: Baking Pop Tarts with E.D.SMITH

If you know me, then you’ll know that I’ve never really been a pro at baking. I mean, I was totally one of those kids that had an Easy-Bake Oven, but that’s about as experienced as I get when it comes to baking. For me, the easier the recipe the better (if telling you that I had an Easy-Bake wasn’t enough of an analogy for you). Luckily, E.D.SMITH makes baking super easy with all of their yummy jams and pie fills!

Dating back to 1882, E.D.SMITH is an iconic Canadian food brand beloved by all bakers. Since E.D.SMITH is celebrating their 135 birthday by helping Canadians rediscover their their favourite classics, I decided to do bake my take on a classic PB&J. I know, I know, who doesn’t know how to make a PB&J?! That’s why I wanted to make (drum roll, please)… PB&J pop tarts!

The best part about this recipe is the fact that other than pie crust, all you really need are a whole lot of jams and you’re good to start baking!

For these three recipes, I went with my three faves from E.D.SMITH: Triple Fruits Raspberry Strawberry Blackberry Jam, Triple Fruits Apricot Peach Passion Fruit Jam and Blueberry Pie Filling.

I also bought my pre-made pie crust dough at my local bakery, but feel free to make your own. It’s pretty easy and you don’t need too many ingredients — I just have a place by me that makes a pie crust that I couldn’t even begin to duplicate, so why mess with a good thing?

Peanut Butter Chips & E.D.SMITH Triple Fruits Raspberry Strawberry Blackberry Jam Pop Tarts

Pop Tart Steps:

  1. Roll out dough to desired thickness. I like to keep my pie crust dough a little thick (since there’s nothing better than biting into a puffy pastry with a delicious jam filling).
  2. Pre-heat oven to 425°.
  3. Cut the shape of your poptarts into dough. I went with hearts because — well, might as well put some love into desserts I’m sure to love!
  4. Add a spoonful of jam to the middle of your pastry. If you’re going with rectangles, spread the jam evenly in the centre of your rectangular pop tarts. I went with hearts, so I did the same with my jam.
  5. Sprinkle peanut butter chips into the jam! You can always add your favourite nut butters to this simple recipe, I just thought that the chips would be really simple to toss into the mix (and that they would melt nicely into the pastry). I also thought they would make a cute decoration for the top of the pop tarts – so why not?
  6. Place another heart-shaped dough cutout on top (or whatever shape you decided to go with) and use a fork to press the edges of the tart. This just stops the jam and peanut butter from spilling out of the sides!
  7. Put in the oven for 6-8 minutes (I went with 8 and they turned out perfectly), and voila they’re done!

Peanut Butter Chips & E.D.SMITH Triple Fruits Apricot Peach Passion Fruit Jam Pop Tarts

Icing Steps:

  • Combine 1 cup of icing sugar with 2-3 teaspoons of milk to create icing. Add in more icing sugar or milk depending on how thick you want the icing to be.
  • Mix combination together until there’s no more lumps and bumps!
  • Once the pop tarts have fully cooled down (I know it’s hard to be patient, but trust me – it’s worth it!), pour icing over the centre of the poptarts.
  • Then feel free to decorate with whatever you want! For the Peanut Butter Chips & E.D.SMITH Triple Fruits Apricot Peach Passion Fruit Spread combo, I topped the pop tarts with icing, peanut butter chips and chocolate chips for some extra goodness. The combination of apricot, peach, passion fruit and chocolate was literally to die for.

Peanut Butter Chips & E.D.SMITH Blueberry Pie Filling Pop Tarts

I think this combination of jam filling and pop tart was definitely my fave! E.D.SMITH’s Blueberry Pie Filling wasn’t too sweet, but it had just the right amount of tanginess to complement the pastry. The whole blueberries mixed into the pie filling was also such a yummy treat when biting into the pop tarts! (I also decorated these ones with peanut butter chips and rainbow sprinkles, so it might have just been the perfect combination overall).

These pop tarts turned out super cute and were definitely delicious. With jams these good, it’s pretty hard for them to be anything other than irresistible!

Help E.D.SMITH celebrate their 135th birthday by baking to your heart’s desire (also… just like… celebrate yourself).

With love,


  1. this is a great post! and in that vein, me being new here, your blog looks great and promising! so every post is about trying something new? wow what an idea! I’ll be sure to stick around <3

  2. This post literally becomes more and more delicious as you scroll down the page! YUM to your tasty creations and I’m absolutely adoring the cute little heart shapes!!

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