My First Five Days of Gifting: The Perfect Moscow Mule with Sipsmith

Around this time of year, everyone likes to celebrate with some… adult beverages. Whether you’re at a holiday party, dinner, or a get-together with some friends, there’s likely to be some drinks or cocktails to be enjoyed.

With so many events, why not gift your loved one a bottle of Sipsmith this holiday season? With floral, juniper and zesty notes on the nose and a flavourful taste on the tongue, the London Dry Gin is a classic that goes well on its own or in a cocktail. They’re sure to bring it with them on one of the many festive occasions they have to celebrate!

I love drinking Moscow mules during the holiday season, as the warmth and spicy flavours feel very festive to me. So, if you’re thinking about gifting a bottle of Sipsmith to that adult-beverage-lover in your life, here’s a recipe you can add into their holiday card!

How I Make a Sipsmith Moscow Mule:

  1. Place some ice cubes into your mixing glass. I like pretty cold beverages, so I added a few. If you feel like they might water-down your drink, feel free to skip this step!
  2. Take 2 oz of Sipsmith gin and pour into a mixing glass. If you’re unsure of how many oz’s of alcohol your shot glass holds, most shot glasses are 1.5 oz. I have this really cute rose gold one from Sipsmith that’s exactly 1 oz, so it was pretty easy on my end.
  3. Add in 3 oz of Ginger beer. Yup, step 3 is pretty easy once you’ve figured out how many oz’s your shot glass holds.
  4. Add in juice from half of a lime. Pro tip: use pressure from your hand and roll lime against your counter prior to cutting. It’ll make the lime juicier and easier to squeeze more liquid out. Also, save a couple of slices from your lime to garnish your cocktail at the end!
  5. Mix your cocktail with a stirring stick.
  6. Use a Julep or cocktail strainer to pour your mixture into your Moscow mule mugs without splashing ice cubes everywhere. If you prefer ice in your drink, use the stirring stick to gently drop a couple into your glass.
  7. Garnish with lime or mint and you’re ready to enjoy!

There’s nothing more special than gifting a person in your life a spirit that they can enjoy over and over again in so many different ways! The copper pot distillation and mix of: Juniper berries, Belgian Angelia Root, Bulgarian Coriander Seed, Madagascan Cinnamon Bark, Italian Orris Root, Spanish Ground Almond, Spanish Liquorice Root, Lemon Peel and Seville Orange Peel calls for a unique and classic gin taste that your loved one is sure to enjoy over the holiday season. Enjoy sharing the gift of great cocktails!

With love,


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