My First Five Days of Gifting: Minimalist Jewellery

I’m sure that if you’ve even glanced at a television or a YouTube ad lately, you’ll notice that the holidays are all about gifting jewellery. And truthfully, who doesn’t love receiving a bit of jewellery as a present?

The one thing I don’t love about all of these ads is the fact that everything is super glam. Talk about big, shiny rocks that sparkle and blind everyone who walks past you in the street. Sure, if you’re into that thing – then do you girl! I, however, am more into minimalistic jewellery that you can wear often and with many pieces.

This gifting season, why not check out some online shops like Cyntia Miglio Design or MODIVA! Here’s a few of my favourites from each site that I totally adore and would make great gifts for the holidays!


This minimal chocker is the perfect simple piece to add a little something to your outfit, without being too overbearing or taking away from your look. Since it’s so dainty you can wear it with any of your super festive outfits (that already have a lot of glitz and glam) and it would make the most perfect feminine touch to your look. Buy this for that lady friend that often wears simple jewellery and she’s sure to love it!

Cyntia Miglio Design : Wave Earrings

I absolutely love me some skinny earrings. They’re so elegant and stylish all at the same time. Inspired by the designers’ love for the ocean, the smooth and flowing feeling of these earrings are lightweight and thankfully don’t get tangled in my hair (which is seriously the worst thing a girl can face on a windy day!) I also absolutely love the freshwater pearl at the bottom of the earring, which is such a simple and elegant touch. If you gift these babies to any lady in your life, she’s sure to want to wear them for every occasion possible.


Simple, yet large earrings always make a statement in a clean and straightforward way. These are a great alternative to hoops (which are super in this season), yet are also super wearable with everything you already own. If you notice that your friend is definitely into the bigger kinds of earrings, but doesn’t love anything too loud, this is a great piece to stay large and in charge (but still also modern and trendy).

Whether you have that friend that’s into the simple statement pieces or classic and elegant jewellery, you should totally check out  Cyntia Miglio Design and MODIVA for some minimalistic pieces. Give the glam jewels a rest and find the perfect simple jewellery that the fashionista in your life is sure to want to wear everyday!

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