My First Five Days of Gifting: His & Her Gift Guide with Help From Good Neighbour

Welcome to the first post of my gifting series this week on the blog! For those of you who are last minute shoppers like myself, look forward to five days of back-to-back posts with present ideas, tips and a recipe or two to impress your loved ones this holiday season. So, let’s get started!

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I took a visit to Good Neighbour in Leslieville to get some gifting ideas together. We were totally blown away with the space and all of the wall-to-wall goodies to make up the perfect gifts this season. Take a peak below for my his & her gift guides for just about anyone in your life (and a behind-the-scenes look at the pretty space!)

Let’s take a peak at the Good Neighbour…

Even just upon entering this little shop, you’re instantly surprised with how many cute items are all in one location. I felt like it took me such a long time to choose everything for my gifting guide simply due to the fact that there were so many great pieces in one place. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a Secret Santa present or a gift with a wow-factor, you definitely have a lot of options at Good Neighbour (the staff is also super helpful if you’re poking around and can’t find exactly what you’re looking for).

I obviously needed to pick out some cute Christmas cards to include as well…

I definitely eyed way too many cute wardrobe pieces in the women’s clothing section of the shop and had to try some on! Check out my Instagram for the full look. Mr. Cavaliere also picked out a couple of pieces he liked as well. Take a peak at his photoΒ to see what he chose!

As a book lover, it was pretty hard choosing just one book for the gift guides… so I chose a couple that stood out to me!

Literally so many cute details all over the shop.

Loved the idea of this display in the store. Also, it totally gave me an idea for my gift guide!

. . .

Gift Guide For That Lady in Your Life

      1. A fun book! Who doesn’t love collecting fun coffee table reads? This bar cart styling book would be great for the friend that loves interior design (and / or enjoying cocktails in aesthetically pleasing ways).
      2. A tiny plant in a fun pot. People often hate spending their money on plants for themselves or buying cute plant accessories. This is definitely one of those gifts for your friend with a green thumb! Best part is, if your friend thinks they have a green thumb (but they actually don’t), succulents and cacti’s kind of just take care of themselves.
      3. A blanket scarf. Cause literally everyone needs to stay cozy in winter! Blanket scarves can also totally be used as blankets for your one friend that’s always cold (in my friend circle, that’s totally me). Help your cold sister out this holiday season!
      4. A scented soap. Another one of those things that people want, but never really purchase for themselves. And like, how cute is the packaging?! Anyone would be happy to get this and put it in their bathroom for every visiter to enjoy.
      5. A pretty chocolate bar. This is that gift that literally anyone will love. Use it as a stocking stuffer or gift it to that foodie in your life (that will likely use it for flaylays before devouring – practical and delish).

. . .

Then, we were off to the men’s section to get some gifting inspo!

My boyfriend was very pleasantly surprised what Good Neighbour had in the men’s section! Too often when we’re out shopping, we like to go to different stores since there’s so many places that either are centrally focused on womenswear or menswear. Luckily, Good Neighbour had a great stock of men’s items, so it was pretty easy for him to choose a couple of pieces that he liked!

The menswear section felt totally unique to the shop downstairs and was also filled with so many goodies!

There were loads of great gift ideas everywhere we looked. Whether you’re shopping for your bestie, your boyfriend or your dad, there were so many options in the men’s section for each of them.

. . .

Gift Guide For That Gent in Your Life

    1. A cleanser or skincare product. So many of the men in our lives don’t take care of their skin (likely because they also have no idea what they’re doing when choosing skincare products). Give them some help and just gift them what you think they’re missing in their routine. Cleansers or moisturizers are always a safe bet!
    2. A classic watch. A lot of men don’t realize that investing in a simple timepiece can seriously step up their swag. Make it easy by choosing a classic one for him!
    3. A floating tech shelf. Know a guy who always looses his keys, phone or wallet? This magnetic shelf will keep his things in one place, so he can always find what he needs before heading out. You can also put it almost anywhere!
    4. A cozy jumper. Again, everyone needs to stay cozy in cooler temperatures. You can also choose a sort-of-festive-looking one that he can wear to an ugly sweater party (but thankfully, he’ll still look cute in this!)
    5. A fun book. Even if he doesn’t read it, it’s that coffee table conversation starter that everyone needs and loves.

. . .

Both Jonathan and I had so much fun poking around Good Neighbour before the fast-approaching holiday season. If you’re ever in the Leslieville area (or just searching around for some last-minute Christmas shopping) you should definitely check it out. And I assure you, you’re likely to find a couple of pieces you’ll want to wrap up and keep all to yourself!

With love,


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