My First Five Days of Gifting: A Gift To Your Skin from Origins

Finally, for my last post of my Five Days of Gifting series on the blog, I thought I would save the most important person on your list for last – you! All year round, you work hard, tirelessly, and kick ass all at the same time. You seriously deserve to put yourself on your gift list this year.

This year, why not treat yourself to some goodies from Origins. Sure, you can always get great skincare products from Origins year round, but you might as well splurge on the pampering products this year and go all out for what you really want!


Who doesn’t love a relaxing bubble bath around this time of year? Okay, so more like a few times a week. Why not gift yourself some refreshing bubble bath that’s sure to get rid of any stress or anxiety you’ve faced throughout the day. The relaxing and fresh scent of grapefruit is one that you’ll love in your tub! Pair it with a yummy candle to take your bath to the next restful level. This limited edition Feel Good candle from Origins is a 100% soy wax candle with a delicious and delightful scent.


This time of year (plus all of the stress that surrounds the holidays) really takes a tole on your skin. Why not try out this body moisturizer that’s formulated with skin-nourishing Sunflower and Soybean Oils, Ginseng, Gentian Root and Clary Sage that will rapidly refresh, renew and replenish dull, dry body skin. It also smells fantastic!


If your skin is still feeling a little lack-lustre, try out these whipped body creams before bed or after your bath! The ginger whipped body cream uses tangy Ginger to embrace your body, while skin-nourishing ingredients like Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil moisturize skin. The smoothing souffle cream is a best-seller from Origins and refreshes and revitalizes with the rousing aroma of Peppermint, Spearmint, Orange and Rosemary.

If you’re looking to gift yourself a little pampering session this holiday season, skip out on those pricey spa treatments and relax at home (seriously, give your wallet a break after all of that Christmas shopping you’ve done)! Treat yourself this holiday season, girl! After all, you know that you really, really deserve it.

With love,


  1. I love how crisp these photos look!
    I’ve never tried too much from Origins, I don’t know why – I think it’s ease of access it’s not in most of my local stores so it always tends to get overlooked. Definitely need to remedy that in 2018.
    Helpless Whilst Drying

  2. I haven’t heard of Origins before but I know I’d enjoy the bubble bath for sure! I like how there are a lot of nutritious ingredients to help the skin. Thanks for the recommendation! Merry Christmas :).

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