My First Time: Going Super Blonde

If you’ve read my post on getting my hair balayage-ombréd, then you’ll know that process was only the first step to getting my hair as blonde as I want it. Since I’ve waited a couple of months for my hair to recover from the hardcore bleaching process, I figured it was time to take advantage of being blonde(ish) in the summer.

If you’ve ever gotten your hair bleached before, then you’ll know that you’re basically committing 3-5 hours for the entire process (depending on how dark your original hair is and how light you’re going). So, I thought I would gift you my own personal survival guide for lengthy hair dye jobs!

My tips on how to survive long chair appointments:

BYOB&F (bring your own books & fun)

My biggest tip for someone who is going to their first long hair appointment is to bring something to do. Scratch that, bring lots and lots of things to do. Sure, most hair salons come fully equipped with piles of magazines, but you never really know what to expect when it comes to the quality of reading material. So bring your own magazines or a book – something you know you’ll actually want to read, so time goes by less slowly. I also like to make sure my phone is fully charged, so that I can aimlessly scroll Instagram or write to-do’s in my Notes app.

Pack a snack 

Who knows how long you could realistically be in that chair for? Sure, your stylist can give you an estimated waiting time, but even they don’t know how well or how quickly your hair will take. Since I’m the type of person that likes to snack every couple of hours, I always come prepared with a granola bar or some tangerines (last salon visit, I may have even packed a full salad…). There’s nothing worse than being trapped under a hot hairdryer while your dye is processing when all you can think about is food. Bring the damn cookies if you need to.

Avoid drinking beverages 

Of course, you’re going to get thirsty during your hair appointment – you’re only human, after all. The trick is to not drink more than your body needs. See the problem with drinking too many liquids is the fact that what goes into your body… well, also needs to come out. If you’re totally covered in foils and need to pee, your hair appointment could get a little more complicated than expected. Don’t forget to use the bathroom before your hair appointment too!

Wear comfy clothes and shoes 

You’re sitting in a chair for a few hours, not walking down a runway. You might as well prepare to be hanging out and wear something that’s comfortable to sit in. You should also opt to wear short sleeves, as sitting under a dryer can get a little hot – and you don’t want to look like you’ve been sweating in a sauna for years. This finally leads to my last point:

Feel free to wear minimal makeup 

Going to the salon is like going to an amusement park – you never really know how your makeup is going to hold up. Sure you can wear full-coverage if that’s your jam, you just have to remember that you’re basically battling the elements at this point. That dryer is again your least favorite salon tool; sure it’s great help for processing your dye, but it’s also going to turn you into a hot, possibly sweaty, mess. When you’re finally getting the bleach washed out of your hair too, it’s like a splash zone at Marine Land. After many salon visits where my bronzer has melted off my face, my liquid liner has streaked down my cheeks and my application of foundation has become questionable, I opt out for a little bit of mascara, concealer and brow gel. I’m not a savage, after all.

After a few hours, 3 different bleach shades and a lot of toner, my hair is finally as blonde as I wanted it! I couldn’t have been happier with how my hair turned out and following all of these tips definitely made my salon chair experience worth wild. If you’re heading to the salon for a lengthy dye job soon, let me know how you like to pass the time!

With love,


  1. I like your hair colour, you look so pretty! I understand the total ordeal, when I was sick scrolling my mobile I just dose off to sleep haha. It was such a good break for me as I’m sleep deprived all the time due to my small children. I love this post, it’s refreshing!

  2. What great tips hun! I find these days as a blogger I have more than enough work to do on my phone so I try to use the time constructively. I
    actually love the chance to catch up on emails, edit photos, creat post drafts for instagram, reply to comments and engage in the social media community. How lucky we are that our job is so portable.

    Adrianna xx |

    1. Totally agree with you girl! More hair time just means more chair time to catch up on work. Can’t complain!



    1. Bahaha omg highlights can seriously take just as long!! Well if you ever decide to dye your hair now you can use these tips 🙂



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